The Best of TGWTPS

Hi there! Here are some of my favorite posts!

Race Recaps

La Crosse Fitness Festival Bike Tour

2010 Got Energy? Olympic Distance Triathalon

2010 Maple Leaf Half Marathon

2011 Walt Diseny World Half Marathon


My tips for social eating

Green Smoothie Tips

Fish Tacos

Cooking with Miso

Seder Supper

Make it with Millet

Roadhouse Restaurant



Finishing the Indoor Ironman

First run with the Garmin

My tips for fitness newbies

Triathlon Training Day 1

Disney Half Marathon Announcement

Training Gear

More Training Gear

Craptastic Run

Training = Being Prepared

Go the Distance!

Bad Ass


Weight Loss Roller Coaster

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Time to get off the ride



First Post 

Everything in Moderation


How I chose my blog name

What perfect day looks like to me

A Lot to Review

A day in the life of ME!

Boy was I excited


Weekend Adventure Part 1

Weekend Adventure Part 2

My 30th birthday

Contemplating 30

Ever Wonder?

Let the Weekend Begin!


2 responses to “The Best of TGWTPS

  1. Yay…super easy for me now…can’t wait to check out some of your past entries.

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