What we do when we’re two! Part 3

I don’t know if I would use the term “terrible twos” to describe life with a two year old but I would definitely call them the “tumultuous twos!” Oh the ups and downs! The excitement over the simplest things the melt downs over the little things.  Yet each day I see my baby boy moving closer and closer to being a “big boy.”

This age is especially fun because Hunter understands more about what is going on.  One day we told Hunter what Halloween was and we asked him what he wanted to be. Hey replied, “Mickey!”


Of course Everly had to be Minnie!


We did lots of Fall/Halloween events this past year. We went on the Pumpkin Walk at Norskedalen which is a non-scary version of a haunted hike Brian and I use to go on B.C. (before children).  Hunter loved all the “smiley faces” carved into the pumpkins as well as all the shapes.


It was pretty cold that night but I think they kept each other warm!

We also went to the Enchanted Forest, a hike through Hixon Forest with everybody’s favorite characters who handed out candy!

Look who we found!


We also went to an event called Scarecrow Fest at local community center. They had lots of fall themed games and activities.

He takes his pumpkin painting very seriously!


Of course we picked out and carved pumpkins.


He picked out 5, one fore everyone in our family, including Izzy!


Then there was Halloween itself! We only went around our block as it was pretty cold but Hunter got a good amount of candy and had a blast!


With the fun of the Fall season I knew the Christmas season was going to be just as fun! We’ve already seen Santa at the Viterbo Alumni Christmas party and Hunter loved picking out our Christmas tree.




Developmentally my boy is SOOOO smart! I know every mom thinks this but it really is true! He knows the sounds that most of the letters make and can usually tell you what letter a word starts with. He has also been learning how to spell a few simple words. He still loves to read and his memory is incredible. He can “recite” several of his favorite books. He is also very imaginative and makes up games by himself and with his friend Lily.

Speaking of Lily, she has introduced Hunter to the wonderful world of Frozen. They “play” Frozen and Hunter repeats lines from the movie ( even though he has only seen it once). We went to an event at the Mall where he got to meet Anna and he was super excited to see Elsa at the Enchanted Forest.

102_3643 102_3687

As evident by his Halloween costume he still loves Mickey and I was so excited to take him to Disney Live with his grandma and cousin over the Thanksgiving weekend.


(Those Mickey ears came in handy!)

Just recently (as in just in the last week). We got serious about potty training. He was driving me crazy when he would ask me to change his diaper. I knew he was aware of what was going on so I finally convinced him to wear undies and he has been doing really well staying dry! This feels like a HUGE step!

We are working on discipline as Hunter has a hard time listening. “”Time Outs” weren’t really working as they just got him fired up. My mom told me about the “1-2-3 Magic” system which seems to be working. He is still having a hard time sharing with Everly and is often times pretty rough with her so we are still working on that.

Sleep, as always is an issue. He’s pretty much stopped taking naps and is usually completely unraveled by 7pm (or earlier). For awhile after Day Lights Savings time he was getting up at 5:30am and not napping. It was not fun! For the most part he sleep through the night but we’ve had a few wake ups now an then. Funny thing is he never gets out of bed which I guess is a good thing.

It is so much fun to experience things through the “new” eyes of a 2 year old. The best part about all these adventures is Hunter can anticipate them and remember them. He’ll talk about an event after it happens and tells you his favorite parts. I have so much love for this boy. Can’t believe in three months he’ll be three! Can’t wait to continue the adventure!


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Everly Laura: 1 Year Update

Oh my sweet precious girl! I don’t even know where to begin. I think for the past two weeks I’ve said, “How you really be 1!” about a dozen times. This past year went by in a blink of an eye and I can barely remember those snuggly newborn days.


Everly you are such a bright light to my day. You just go with the flow and for the most part have a smile on your face.


When something does upset you you aren’t afraid to let us know! You are becoming more and more independent every day and are very stubborn, you like to do things on your own terms!


We celebrated your birthday for almost a whole week spending time with your Grandma Chi Chi, Uncle Johnny and Aunt Raina on your birthday and then had a party with family and friends on Thanksgiving weekend with a “Turkey” theme.


You love “gadgets” play or real (like my phone or the baby monitor). Your favorite toys are the ones that light up and make noise and of course any toy your brother is playing with is also most fun!


You aren’t walking yet but we know it won’t be long. You stand up an cruise and really like “swinging” on the baby gate. You have started to pull up on me and then let go free standing for awhile with a big smile on your face.


You are sleeping soooooo much better. You sleep through the night 12 or more hours. Your naps are pretty good to but we are trying to figure out if you should go down to one nap a day. This would allow us to have more fun together in the morning! Eating is going well too. I feel comfortable feeding you almost everything I feed your brother just cut up smaller. You have two teeth on top and three on the bottom. Yet, you seem to be getting a little pickier!


You are a very friendly and energetic little girl, almost always on the move and everyone just loves you!


We can’t wait to continue to watch you grow into the loving little girl we know you will become. You are a blessing and a joy! I am so lucky to be your mom!


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Everly Laura: 10 and 11 month update

Hey there! Long time no blog! I guess it’s true what they say about 2nd children, they just don’t get as much brag time as first children. I don’t think I ever missed a monthly update for Hunter. I tried several times to write a 10 month update but big brother Hunter has decided to no longer nap. I do give him “quiet time” every day but it seems like most days that does not coincide with Everly’s naps. Not to mention there are just a million other things I should be doing instead of blogging when I do get a moment of free time. But enough about the busy life of a mom of two!

Oh my sweet Everly! You bring such joy to my life!


When I found out I was pregnant with Everly I’ll admit I was surprised and a little scared. I felt like I had just gotten the hang of being a mom to one little person and I just didn’t know what adding another little one to the mix would be like. But from the moment she came into this world my heart grew so much. Now almost a year later I can’t imagine my life without her!


She is such a little spitfire! She is ALWAYS on the move! She is an expert crawler! I remember when Hunter finally started crawling for the longest time he would only stay in one room. Not Everly she goes where ever her little heart desires. She pulls up on EVERYTHING, even on the wall and the side of the refrigerator. She cruises on what ever she can. But all of this has to be on her terms. You can’t make her stand up and walk holding her hands. It all has to be her idea!


She LOVES to eat! I don’t think there is anything I have put in front of her that she doesn’t like. She has begun to use the sign for “more” and pretty much continually signs it from the moment I put her in her high chair. I do think she has some favorites, avocado and cottage cheese! She also really likes hard-boiled egg yolks! We are still nursing about 4 times a day and sometimes at night.


Sleep…well, sleep. For a long while I was getting up 2-3 times a night. I would usually nurse her and she would fall back asleep only to wake up a few hours later. One night I decided to just let her work it out for her self. Of course she cried. I went in at timed intervals and comforted her and I never let her cry more than 15 minutes. If this method didn’t work after an hour I gave up and nursed her back to sleep. The first couple of nights were rough but since then she has slept through the night a few times and other times only been up once. We are getting there! If I ever find time I may write a post on why I took so long to sleep train her at night. I didn’t even realize why I waited until after I actually started doing it! Our next goal is to consistently get her sleeping through the night so we can move her into the room with Hunter….God help us!

She has two teeth coming up top and still no hair! She is really developing quite a personality and still wants to do all the things her brother does. It is so cute. I call her my little Spunkin (spunky pumpkin) and my Busy Busy Girl. She is such a delight! Can’t believe she will be one soon! Time goes so fast and I am trying my best to enjoy all the smiles, cries, giggles, snuggles, and more!

102_3669   102_3670


What we do when we’re 2! Part 2

Well it’s official I now have a 2 1/2 year old! Year 2 is so full of ups and downs! It takes A LOT of patience to deal with the downs but the ups are so plentiful that it makes it all worth it!

I really don’t want to do monthly updates on Hunter but it seems like SO MUCH has happened in the past three months!

A big milestone in Hunter’s world is that he moved out of the crib and into a big boy bed!


One of Brian’s cousins actually made this bed. We have since added a bedrail as I was just too worried that he would fall out! We actually made this transition pretty quickly. One day I went to get Hunter out of his crib, which he was still happy to sleep in, he wasn’t even trying to get out, simply leaning over to see me and he flipped over the railing head first. He was fine but  it freaked me out so much, much more than the thought of him having the freedom of a big boy bed that I insisted that we get him in that big boy bed that night! It was a lot less painful transition than I thought it was and until recently he hasn’t even gotten out of bed unless we come in and tell him he can. He still doesn’t always nap and has had several night waking’s but over all it has been a good thing. Now if only we could get baby sister into that crib!

Hunter really enjoyed his first trip to  the zoo in June. I don’t have a single picture of him with the animals. But he sure loved the antique tractor in the farm exhibit.


He also enjoyed being “the big boy” when we visited our friends John, Marianne Atticus and Baby Nolan. He loved exploring John and Marianne’s huge yard, visiting all the play grounds, and getting ice cream in Bayfield.

Photo   Photo          Photo  Photo

He was very sad to say good bye to Miss Brook at the last Library Story Time of the summer. But we will be back in the Fall!


For a couple of weeks at the end of June and the beginning of July Hunter battled a fever. It would last for a few days go away for a few days and return.  There were no other real symptoms except that he did get a two year molar. It was no fun! So hard to see my little man so sad and uncomfortable! We spent many days watching Mickey


We’ve spent many days playing outside enjoying the beautiful summer weather. Hunter also enjoys taking a walk in the “buggy” which is what he calls a stroller. His newest favorite thing to do on our walks it to read the house numbers to me. We also like to look for different vehicles likes motorcycles, fire trucks, mail trucks, and  best of all is if we walk near the rail road crossing and a train comes by. He gets such joy from the simplest things.


He is beginning to interact more with Everly. The majority of the time he doesn’t seem to care about her or is yelling at her for taking his toys but other times he sits and talks to her or shows her how to do something. He comforts her when she cries and has to make sure he gives her a kiss good night. She of course adores him!


He always seems to have to be right and sometimes I think his favorite word is “NO!” but I love how imaginative he is. He will play by himself for  long periods of time and I can hear him reenacting things we’ve read in books or an episode of Mickey. His memory is AMAZING! He can “read” books to me that we’ve only read together a few times. And he has also started singing! My favorite song that he sings in “Amazing Grace.”

He gives the best hugs and the sweetest kisses. I love my big gooney bug more than he’ll ever know!


He really is turning into a “big boy.” Can’t believe we are half way to 3!

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Everly Laura: 9 Month Update

9 months?! Seriously?! Where is the time going?! I feel like having kids makes time speed up way too fast. I remember last summer thinking that by the end of next summer I’ll have a 9 month old and a 2 1/2 year old, it seemed so far away at the time yet here we are in a blink of an eye! 9 months just seems so close to 1 year, I know the next 3 months are just going to fly by.

You certainly can see Everly’s personality emerge as she gets older. Some fun things she started doing this month is giving “kisses” and she loves to wrap her arms around my neck like a hug. She also started clapping her hands. She’s got good rhythm and whenever I have the radio on she bops her little head side to side So cute!

She weighed in at 20lbs. 5oz. at her 9 month appointment and is 29 inches long. She is in the 74% for weight and the 90% for length. She’s so long!


Everly is definitely going to be my mover and my shaker. As I mentioned last month Everly is trying so hard to crawl! She still isn’t moving forward but she does “crawl” backwards. She is also able to go from sitting to her hands and knees with ease and today I saw her go from her belly to sitting. She also LOVES to stand! She likes to hang on to me or Brian and stand up. We also got the Cruise and Crawl out and she has fun hanging on to that while standing. Once she does start crawling I know she will figure out how to pull herself up very quickly. She almost did it the other day on the cruise and crawl. She is one strong little girl!

(Thanks to Cassandra for taking this picture!)


Even though she is not really “mobile” right now she can still get in to anything and everything. We really have to be careful that Hunter’s toys are not to close to her and even if they are some what out of reach she still manages to get at them! It is so fun for me to watch the evolution of her mobility as it is very different from Hunter’s.

I can’t say that I can identify any likes or dislikes as far as toys go with Everly. I know that Hunter already liked trucks as this age. Like I said, she likes to move and her favorite toy is the one her brother is playing with!

Eating still seems to be going well. She’s eating three meals of “solids” a day. Still mostly pureed food, but she has also been getting the hang of finger foods which is fun. I nurse her about 4 times during the day (or she gets a bottle of pumped milk) and still get up to feed her at night.  I am really having a hard time remembering how we progressed with foods for Hunter but I think we are doing it about the same.


Sleep! Oh sleep, how I miss you! I can’t believe I thought Everly was going to be a better sleeper than Hunter. I reread what I wrote for Hunter’s 9 month update and he had just started sleeping through the night. Everly, not so much. She falls asleep pretty easily for naps and bed time but she is still waking up about 2 hours after bedtime. Sometimes I am already in bed and have been reading for 20 minutes (under the covers), just turning off the light to go to sleep and she wakes up. Other times I am still out in our living room watching television. I usually nurse her and she falls back to sleep pretty quickly. I’ve tried letting her fuss for about 15 minutes and try to put herself back to sleep but then she just gets even more worked up and often times doesn’t fall asleep for hours afterwards! Not to mention she still wakes up in the middle of the night once or twice! The main problem is that we are still sharing a room. Not really sure how to remedy this. Our plan all along was to have the kids share a room and we are all set up to do that but I am just afraid that they will wake each other up. I was hoping that once Everly started sleeping through the night we could do this but now I don’t know when this will be. I’m honestly use to the lack of sleep for the most part but what I wouldn’t give for a few decent nights in a row or to have my room back! Any one got any tips on room sharing?

This past month we went on a fun road trip to visit my friend Marianne and her adorable twin boys who are just a month younger than Everly!


(Nolan, Everly and Atticus!)

Everly did alright in the car but did NOT nap! Once we got there we mostly just hung out and let the babies roll around on a big blanket playing with toys! It was so fun to have so many little ones around. I can’t wait to watch these three grow up together!


We did manage to hit up a few parks and visit Bayfield in between naps!


Time does seem to be going faster but as each day passes my love grows and grows for my little girl. Can’t wait to see what other surprises she has in store for us!


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Pinterest Inspired Bathroom Redo

Here’s something different for you, a post that is NOT about my kiddos! So, I LOVE my house and I love our neighborhood. But our house is SMALL! It was perfect for a young couple, got a little tighter with one kiddo and is even tighter now with two. But as of right now we don’t have the finances or the time to move so we just make do. One room that I thought could use a little reorganization to help make it a little more spacious was our bathroom. I usually bathe both kiddos at once and it really was beginning to feel cramped and annoying. Not to mentioned that we are hopefully on the brink of really getting serious with potty training and the addition of a little potty took up even more space. I took to Pinterest to see what I could find that would work in our little space and then I set out on a hunt around town to find the supplies I needed.

What I felt was taking up the most space was this set of white shelves that were necessary to hold all my “beauty supplies” as well as some bath toys and towels.



I knew I could find a place to put the shelf but I still wanted easy access to the items on the shelf. I wanted to do something with the space above out toilet which was WIDE open.


I was hoping to move the kiddy potty out of it’s current place across from the big potty and into the space occupies by the shelves.


Did you know that some of those over the toilet organizers cost somewhere between $75 and $150? I knew we could do better. I found an image on Pinterest which showed two towel bars above a toilet with baskets hanging from them filled with bathroom supplies. Similar to this:

I knew I we didn’t have quite that much space. I was able to find two similar baskets on sale and Brian helped me pick out and install two towel racks. I hung the baskets using shower hooks.




It fit all of my items perfectly! There were still some items left on the shelf that needed a home. Mainly bath toys and supplies for the kids. I had seen several “pins” that suggested hanging a second curtain rod on the inside of your shower and hanging baskets from that as a means of storage. Well I am here to tell you, it works and it’s an excellent idea!


It’s also a great place to hang my bath mat that I kept draping over the side of the tub where it would drip all over the floor. Now the back doorway of the bathroom was clear and it felt much more spacious!

102_3487  102_3486

102_3488  102_3490

The shelves went into what use to be the shower, we installed a shower head in what use to be just a tub several years ago.


I still have some towels and paper products stored here. Brian says he is going to install real shelves so we can use this space as a linen closet. Then we are going to turn what is now our linen closet into a toy closet! Can’t wait to show you that transformation, when ever that happens. Project sure take a lot longer with kiddos around!

So there you have it! I usually don’t have the desire or motivation to “re do” things in my house but I thought I share with you a little “Pinspiration!”

Everly Laura: 8 Month Update

Well, this year just seems to be going by way to quickly and 8 months seems way to close to 12 months to me! My little sweetie pie just keeps growing and changing with each passing day.


She is sitting up on her own really well! She prefers to be sitting and if you  try to lay her down on her back she flips over to her stomach. She wants to crawl SO BAD! She gets up on hands and knees and rocks back and forth. It is really fun for me to watch. If you recall Hunter didn’t really crawl until he was a year old. I honestly  don’t remember him getting up on hands and knees like that because he army crawled for so long. I know that once Everly does start moving we are in trouble! Of course she wants to get into EVERYTHING her brother has.


She is definitely getting more “fun” and it’s kind of cool to watch Everly and Hunter “play” together. This usually consists of Hunter sitting in front of her and talking to her or playing with her toys. She just thinks he’s hilarious and laughs like crazy! She also finds him very entertaining during meal times.


Solid foods still seem to be going well. The only thing I’ve found that she doesn’t like is apricots. I still am only feeding her only twice a day, I think it’s time to add in lunch. She still gets really upset when she poops! Not really sure what to do about that. I feed her variety of fruits and vegetables that are suppose to help as well as whole wheat baby cereal. We just started yogurt so maybe that will help. I also give her a few sips of water at each meal plus she is still nursing.

Everly has got to meet lots of new friend this summer.  My friend Marianne was home with her twin boys over the 4th of July and so was my friend Becky with her almost three year old little girl. It was so fun to have all the kiddos together.


But definitely hard to get a picture with all of them looking at the camera!

She also got to meet Brian’s friend Trent’s girls all the way from Colorado.


I can remember when these girls were Hunter’s age!

Sleep is still all over the place but over all pretty good. Naps are pretty much 1-2 hours twice a day. She usually goes to bed pretty early between 7:00pm and 7:30. She still wakes up twice most nights. The first time is usually just a few hours after she goes to sleep which is kind of annoying because that’s about the time I’m ready to crash. For the most part she falls asleep on her own, unless she is REALLY tired then she usually drifts off during her final nursing session of the night. A few times we’ve gotten a few 6-8 hour nights and once she help 9 hours and I’m pretty sure she only woke up because I went to check on her, then she went back to sleep until I had to wake her up at 8am.

One of Everly’s favorite times of day is bath time! It’s also a goo opportunity for Hunter to entertain her. I love giving them baths together!


She wasn’t too sure about the kiddie pool though!


Sometimes I just can’t believe how lucky I am so have two precious children. Sure at the end of most days I’m exhausted and I usually get up in the morning wishing I had gotten just a little more sleep. But nothing beats seeing my two sweeties and seeing what the day will bring!


Matching mother and daughter in teal and purple!

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