In the Good Ole’ Summer Time

Hello there! How’s life in your neck of the woods? Things are pretty HOT where I am right now. One o f the hottest days so far this summer! Hunter and I are enjoying our air conditioning while miss Everly naps.

I feel like I have had such a great summer so far. I also feel the crunch of time as August draws near and things start to pick up at my work, not to mention I will soon be working full time and Hunter will be going to pre-school! This feels like the first summer in awhile where I’ve actually gotten out and done things with the kids. Sure life is different than before I had kids but it is different in a good way! I have loved my summer adventures with my Goonie Bugs.

One of our favorite summer time activities has been taking a big ride through the Marsh to Riverside Park and enjoying the beautiful International Gardens.


You wouldn’t think that two little kids would enjoy a park that doesn’t have a playground but Hunter and Everly love to look at the giant Koi that are in the pond, tell me all the colors of the pretty flowers, and find all the waterfalls.

100_0466   100_0469

100_0484  100_0486

Plus mom gets a good workout pulling 50+  pounds of kids behind the bike for 7 miles!

One of the best $20 investments we made this summer was a “Family Pool” from K-Mart. The kids love to splash in it and mom and dad like to sit in it and cool off!

102_4143  102_4144


We’ve had a few visitors this summer. Gardner stopped by to take in a baseball game with Brian. Of course the kids enjoyed torturing spending time with him.


Both Brian’s sister and brother came home for 4th of July. We celebrated my niece’s 13th birthday. Hunter and Everly LOVED playing with their cousins. We went to several parks and even to the public swimming pool.


My friend Marianne was also home both on Memorial Day weekend and Fourth of July. We go to spend time with her and her twin boys. Things are pretty crazy fun with 4 kids under the age of 4!


Oh and how can I forget?! The President of the United States also came to town! He spoke at the University just a few blocks from our house. I’m pretty sure Hunter and Everly have no idea who Barack Obama is but I couldn’t resist taking them just down the street to see the motorcade go by. They enjoyed the helicopter and all the police motorcycles and cars.


Hunter still loves all things trains! We couldn’t resist taking him to a Rail Fair they had locally. The allowed people to go inside a train engine and caboose.

102_4135    102_4137

They also had a few model trains set up which was only a preview of the very cool model trains we saw at the Twin Cities Model Train Museum the following weekend when we went to visit the Gardner’s.


We even got to “drive” several of the model trains.


This was such a cool place. Definitely a high light of the summer and a place I am sure we will visit again!

These may seem like simple little adventures but they bring such joy to my kids and in turn to me! I know as they grow older we will have even more adventures and eventually it won’t be cool to have adventures with mom. For now I am enjoying every simple and wonderful moment!



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