A Day in the Life with two little Goonie Bugs

My oldest niece is turning 13 this week. I have been trying my hardest to remember what I was like when I was 13 years old and find I am having a hard time! The good news is I can go into my basement and thumb through an old diary that I started writing in regularly when I was her age. I kept a hand written diary until I got into college. What does this have to do with anything? Well, I realized that even though I don’t blog very much any more this is the one little way that I am documenting what my life is like now, at 35, with two children age 19 months and 3 years plus 4 months. It’s been a long time since I’ve done “A Day In The Life” post so I tried my best to bring my camera where ever we went today and tried to remember everything.

This morning was actually pretty rough and I know that I lost my patience more than one! But we all have those days so here it goes!

5:15am The day starts pretty early. Brian has been up since 4:45am but I barely heard him leave our room. I do hear one of the kids (probably Hunter) yelling. This is not unusual. I wake up and check the monitor. If one of the kids is up before the other I try and sneak into their room and try to get the awake kid out so the other one can sleep. I check the monitor and both kids seem to still be asleep. I of course cannot fall back asleep so I stay in bed and read. I consider getting up and making coffee but I am too comfy in bed. I know this could possibly be my only “me time” for a long time today!

6:05am Both kids are now awake and I listen to them chatter while I finish up a chapter then I go in to get them, but not before I start the coffee pot!102_4063  102_4066

Trust me, they are way more awake than they appear in these photos! They are chattering away. I like to sing them the “Good Morning” Song and they laugh as I tickle them! In case you don’t know the “Good Morning”  song here it is! (sorry couldn’t get it too imbed)


Immediately after getting up I send Hunter to the potty and I change Everly. Then we ease into the day with a nursing session for Everly while I sip coffee, watch the news and Hunter plays “games” on my tablet.

Sometimes I grow a little weary of nursing but then I remember that  I  get to look into these sweet baby blues every morning and every night (and sometimes in between!)


Next up is breakfast! But before I can even get started Hunter has a HUGE meltdown, big tears and everything, because he wants to build a “nest” out of blankets and pillows and he couldn’t make it they way he wanted and I couldn’t understand what he wanted because he was crying and blubbering. I have him cool off a bit in his room, then give him lots of hugs and wipe his face with a cool wash cloth.

7:10 am Breakfast goes off without a hitch. No tears! Lots of smiles!

102_4080   102_4081

After breakfast we do what I call “Morning Chores” we don’t do these every morning or even every morning I am home with the kids but there are few things that NEED to get done. First up unloading the dishwasher. Lucky (I think?) for me the Goonies like to “help.” They actually do a pretty good job and since most of our dishes are unbreakable I don’t have much to worry about. It is always a bit of a game trying beat the kids to the dishwasher before they grab the glassware!

102_4083   102_4084

I also vacuum quick, also something they love to “help” with as they follow me around with their “vacuums” (any push toy) or today Hunter ran in front of me and picked up any toys or clothes so they wouldn’t get “eaten” by the vacuum.

I had a few other things I needed to get done before we needed to start getting ready for the day but I was sidetracked by an important phone call which I tried to take all the while refereeing fights and trying to entertain Everly who wanted to play. I have to give Hunter a “time out” for hurting Everly and then realize we better shake a leg as we need to get to gymnastics by 9:25am and it’s almost 9:00am. Yikes! I manage to pack snacks, some library materials we need to return and get both kids and myself ready.

We head out to the van and I know we are cutting it close. As I get Hunter into his car seat I smell something and realize he has had  an accident. I grab the bag I keep in the car, change him and we are off. Of course we can’t find a parking spot and have to park a block and a half away from the Y. So, now we are 10 minutes late. I drop Hunter off at the gymnastics center, head up to the balcony with Everly and sink into a chair with a sigh ready to watch Hunter and his gymnastics buddies.

Even though we are late (I hate being late!) Hunter doesn’t seem to mind and has fun on the “monkey bars”, the “tumble track,” and working on his floor skills.

102_4088  102_4094

102_4096  102_4101

I spend my time watching him and trying to keep this little monkey entertained!


After gymnastics we take a break in the Y’s lobby and have a snack. Then we head over to library to turn in our completed sheet for the Summer reading program and pick up a new one. Of course we picked up a few more books even though we have a whole bag full at home! These kids love books!


We head home for lunch. Everly cries and screams the entire time I am preparing lunch because I made her come inside when she wanted to play outside. Other than Everly  not eating much lunch is uneventful.

1:00pm: After lunch it is nap/quiet rest time. I get Everly settled and she pretty much conks out as soon as I close the door.


Usually Hunter has quiet rest time in my bed, reading books but he has pretty much been reading since we got home from the library only breaking for lunch and then reading while I cleaned up and got Everly down for her nap. He asks if he can watch his “movies” which means our home videos from the last year and half or so. I agree and get him settled on the couch.


The next hour is all mine. Again, I don’t always do chores during “rest time” sometimes I actually do rest. But there are things I just need to get done. Brian is on for dinner tonight but I am on for tomorrow as Brian has an errand to run after work. I know that I don’t want to be busy in the kitchen after I pick the kids up from daycare so I prep tomorrow night’s dinner. Then I clean up the kitchen and scrub all our floors. Oh yeah and I throw the laundry in the dryer and get another one going plus fold and put away more laundry that has been lingering since the weekend.

By now Hunter is done watching movies and I am tired so he and I settle in and read a few books and also do some coloring until daddy comes home (around 3:30pm) and Everly wakes up, close to 4:00pm.

(picture from a different day of him coloring)


Hunter and daddy play together while Everly and I hang out. Daddy make dinner and the kids and I spend some time together, we watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which Everly is really starting to enjoy. The kids get pretty excited about dinner and both try and climb into the same chair, something they have done before!


Dinner is also uneventful except for a storm rolls in and Everly is fascinated with the sound of thunder and lightening. She tries to hide!


Hunter chatters away telling daddy about his day and talking about how Lily has a park at her house and when it rains it gets wet but inside her house it doesn’t get wet. That kid cracks me up!


After dinner I clean up and Brian plays with the kids. I enjoy listening to the funny games Brian plays with them. I join them and pretty much let the kids come up with what they want to play as I am all out of ideas. Everly plays this funny game where she brings Brian and I all her crayons then takes one at a time back to the table and colors on a piece of paper. Hunter and Brian take a pool noodle and pretend it’s a telephone.

At about 6:30 we clean up the toys and books (should have taken a picture of that!) and get ready for bed which entails; brushing teeth, going potty/changing diaper, putting on p.j’s, reading books, and singing songs. The kids are in bed by 7:00pm. I sit down (with a beer) to write this post, happy that I got all my “chores” done earlier, and Brian heads out to run an errand. The kids chatter for about 30 minutes but then are sound a sleep. And soon I’ll be heading to bed to read and SLEEP!

So there you have it! That’s a day at home with my two Goonie Bugs. If you want to read other “Day in the Life posts check out:

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