Cha-Cha-Cha Changes

Whew! Hello there! Can’t believe it has been TWO MONTHS since I last posted! I honestly had good intentions of posting about a month a go but I think when I finally sat down at my laptop I realized the bills needed to be paid, then when I went to look back at photos from the last month I realized I hadn’t downloaded them, something went wrong with my computer or some device and when I finally got it all sorted out nap time/quiet rest time was over. Not gonna lie, by the end of the day (a.k.a. when the kids go to bed) I usually have some type of chore or meal prep to do for the following day and once that is done I just want to veg out and not open my computer. I struggle with the idea of giving up this blog but then I look back at all the great memories I’ve shared and now can keep forever. BUT if I don’t update more regularly then I forget what happened in our lives any way! Such a constant struggle! I honestly don’t know how “professional bloggers” with kids post so often!

This week marks a very important anniversary. Four years ago (almost exactly) I found out I was expecting Hunter.  That was truly a defining moment in my life. I can still remember that day so well and all the emotions that went along with it. Sometimes I honestly can’t believe how fast the last four years have gone and now I have TWO children. Having children certainly changes your life and I feel like once you have children change is always in the air. So much happens in their little lives and things certainly have been changing around here.

One of the biggest changes that has happened since I last wrote was that on Memorial Day Weekend I decided it was time to try letting Hunter and Everly sleep in the same room. Up until that point I had been sharing our room with Everly and Brian and been sleeping in his Den since he has to get up so early and he didn’t think he could sleep in the same room with a baby since he is such a light sleeper. I don’t know what made me decide that “it was time” maybe because Everly turned 18 months, maybe it was because we had a long weekend and I was ok with not getting a lot of sleep. I guess for the most part the transition has been going well. Everly still naps in the afternoon and Hunter does not. So, Hunter is ready to crash by 7pm and Everly is usually still raring to go. We still put them to bed at the same time. She usually ends up talking and singing in her bed and he falls asleep pretty quickly. Then he usually wakes up pretty early and for the most part wakes her up too. This is usually ok because she naps. There have been several nights where one of them has woken up crying (or screaming in Hunter’s case) but I think only once did a night waking cause the other to wake up. I am sure am glad to have my room back and I’m sure Brian is too!

These two little goonies of mine just seem to be growing up before my eyes. Everly has lost that “babyness” as she gets closer to two and Hunter truly does seem like a “big boy.”

102_4022   102_4026

Hunter still loves anything with wheels, especially trains but anything is fine! I was so excited to take him to the Touch a Truck event they had locally where he got to get up close and personal with some of his favorite vehicles!

102_4004 102_4006


Hunter also started going to gymnastics at the YMCA and he LOVES it! I enrolled him hoping it would help him practice his balance and physical activities in a positive way plus give him more confidence and it has really worked out well. I have to remember to bring my camera to the next class but here he is showing me how he does the beam using a board we have at home.

I can definitely see improvement in his physical abilities. He has so much more confidence and fun when we go to playgrounds. It makes me so happy to see him running and climbing around like a little boy should.

Even though he is getting to be more independent he still likes to cuddle up with his mama and read book or watch t.v.

Of course he is a techno wiz as any kid is these days and loves to play (educational) games on my tablet as well as look at and take pictures.

He is so imaginative and creative. During his quiet rest time he sits in my bed with his library books and “reads” for 45minutes to and hour. Both of the kids LOVE books and reading. We are having a lot fun at Family Story time at the Library and participating in the Library’s summer reading program.

These two are playing together more and more. Of course they still fight like crazy and I’m surprised no one has gone to the emergency room yet but I see their friendship blossoming. And I swear in the next two pictures he is kissing her and tickling her, not torturing her!


Everly copies everything her brother does. She is so much more physical than Hunter was at this age. Crawling, climbing, jumping, trying to do somersaults. It’s pretty cute!

But she is definitely still her own person. She loves accessories especially hats, coats, and sunglasses!


She is talking a lot more these days. She says some pretty unique words like “mermaid” (she has mermaid pajamas), and if you ask her, “Are you sassy?” She says, “I sassy!”.  One thing that I have had to get use to is because she is less verbal than Hunter was I don’t always know what she wants. That’s when the tantrums happen!

June is almost over and we have had a few summer adventures. The kids love riding in the bike trailer and we are lucky to live near some really nice trails. We love to ride down to the river and visit the gardens in the park. So far I haven’t been able to get pictures of this adventure yet.

We also took our first road trip of the summer to Madison. We stayed with Brian’s aunt and went to breakfast on the farm and the zoo with Brian’s cousins.




Looking for the Polar Bears!


We’ve also been enjoying the nice weather taking lots of walks and visiting lots of local playgrounds. We enjoy the simple things!

Another big change that will be happening soon is I will be going to work full time starting in August. I have been at my current 3/4 time position for the past 8 years. The woman I work with is retiring. My current boss decided to drop some of my duties (working with college students) and merge my position with that of my colleagues to create a full time position. It actually works out quite well as I will only be spending one more day during the week in the office and then Sunday mornings, and since I’m at church on Sunday mornings anyway I don’t think it will feel that different. This was definitely something we needed to do financially for our family. I sometimes get nervous about how I’m going to “get it all done” when I work full time but I know I will just have to adjust to another “new normal.” I feel fortunate that I am able to stay at job that I love, work with people I know, and also be able to spend time with my kids.

So that’s what’s happening in our neighborhood. Living life and loving the simple things!


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