Life As Of Late

It’s been awhile! I decided to do something different for this post. Instead of doing a specific age update on my little sweethearts I thought I’d just give an update on what is going on these days with our family.

Little Miss Everly is just a day short of turning 17 months. I remember how much fun “one” is from when Hunter was that age and am enjoying it just as much with Everly. She is such a little cutie pie!


Her independent personality just shines through more and more every day. She is definitely more mobile than Hunter every was. Not only is she an excellent walker but she has started climbing on EVERYTHING! She can even walk up  steps with some assistance. We really have to keep an eye on her because if there is something she shouldn’t get into, she will! I’m pretty sure this is more typical behavior of a one year old versus my Hunter boy who was very cautious and pretty content to stay in one place for long periods of time.

Her pickiness over food still continues. She has her favorite foods but pretty much refuses to even try most of the dinner we put on her plate. Oddly enough she really likes some of my more unusual breakfast choices like green smoothies and oatmeal.


She still nurses 2-4 times a day. I never thought I would be nursing this long but here we are. I kind of love that she gathers up all her “buddies” (white bear, green bear, and her baby), signs the word for milk, and then pretty much throws herself at my chest.

She doesn’t have as many words as Hunter did at this age but she is still able to communicate her needs, likes and dislikes. One of my favorite things she says is, “bra-da”  (brother) for Hunter. It’s usually the first things she says in the morning. She loves him so much!



She seems to really like bears, one of her favorite books is Brown Bear Brown Bear and when ever she sees a bear in a book or on T.V. she gets really excited. She also loves playing outside, especially with bubbles and she LOVES going down slides!

I would never ever want to be on a reality show but sometimes I wish I had a camera to follow me around so I could capture all the little adorable things my kids do. Like the other day Izzy was laying in our bed with her nose right at the edge. Everly went nose to nose with her and just kept giggling and giggling saying “woof woof! woof woof!” I also love how what little hair she has curls at the back after her bath. She is such a sweet girl and loves giving hugs and kisses. When we went to an Easter egg hunt she kept putting all her eggs in another little girl’s basket. Too cute!


I have often felt, in my professional life, that my third year on the job was always kind of the “sweet year.” Things just seem to click into place and I am kind of seeing that with my Hunter boy. In the last two months he has really become independent and started doing a lot of self care on his own. He can almost get completely dressed by himself, he puts his shoes on himself, he can even use the potty by himself (if his pants don’t have a button or zipper!). He told us he didn’t want a booster seat when he turned three. He has also been eating like champ! He usually says he doesn’t like what ever I serve him but has no problem trying it and then telling me, “I like it mommy!” I think the promise of Easter candy after eating a good dinner has helped too Smile


He is SUPER excited for pre-school next Fall. We went to an open house in March and he especially loved the playground (they have a train!). When I came home from registration he jumped off the couch and asked if we could get our coats on and go. He will go two mornings a week and we coordinated it so he will go with his best friends from daycare Lily and Mia. I think he is really going to love school. He is such a smart little guy and his vocabulary just floors me. Today he was pretending to mix up a cake in the bathtub and he said, “It’s kind of automatic!” Where does he learn this stuff? He has such a great imagination and I love listening to him make up games and stories. I just can’t believe I’ll have a preschooler this Fall! He is growing up so fast!


(Pretending the laundry baskets and the tote are a train.)

Hunter took swim lessons this past spring. At his first lesson he did great but after that he cried. Still not sure what he was afraid of but it’s definitely we still want to work on. He is still a very cautious boy when it comes to physical activities.

He and Everly have started to play together and that is really fun!



Of course she wants to do everything with her brother and play with all his toys which can often times cause conflict (read screaming and tears) we are still working on that and I am sure there will always be sibling rivalry!

We went on our longest road trip to date with both kids to visit Brian’s sister in Detroit. Both kids did pretty good in the car and they had so much fun playing with their cousins! The boy who never naps was even lulled to sleep by the coziness of the minivan.




So hard to get a good picture of my Gooniebugs!

Of course life isn’t always sunshine and lollipops! We have our days when Everly cries and cries and I can’t figure out what’s wrong. Or days where Hunter melts down over every little thing. But almost every day I look at these too little gifts that God gave me and I think, “How did I get so lucky.” Life is good! Busy, exhausting, sometimes a little crazy but good!

As for me I’ve been getting back to running, cycling and more and have a whole post planned on that. Things at my work are going to be changing so that means some changes for me  and our family. Can’t write about it until things are more official but it’s an exciting time. Brian is doing what Brian does. Working hard and hunting hard when he can.

Here’s an ok family picture we got at Brian’s sister’s.


It’s a simple life but a good life!

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