Hunter James:How can it be that you are THREE?

Doesn’t this seem like it was just yesterday?


How is this the same little squishy faced baby?


Love this big boy so much! We had a great time celebrating Hunter’s third birthday with friends and family. Ever since Christmas when we watched the Polar Express Hunter has been obsessed with trains! We even took him to the model train sale that came to town and he loved it! So of course his party was train themed!



There were lots of presents including a toy train set that use to be Brian’s!

IMG_3389   IMG_3390

IMG_3402  IMG_3403

He also got some classic board games and we have been having a fun time playing them in the afternoon after “rest time” (he doesn’t nap any more!).

And everyone loves cake and ice cream!

IMG_3437  IMG_3439

I think this was the first birthday that Hunter really got excited for. We talked about it for weeks before hand and he was super pumped to celebrate turning three!

Most notably, developmentally these past three months, is that Hunter is potty trained! He barely ever has an accident any more, and even tells us when he has to use the potty (rather than us prompting or making him “try”). He also is almost always dry in the morning but I still haven’t been brave enough to not have him wear diapers at night.

Other than that he is still my very verbal, imaginative, bright little boy! We are looking forward to going to our first independent swim lessons this month AND going to a pre-school open house. Can’t believe how much these little people change in such a short amount of time.  Sometimes I think that time moves too fast and that my kids are growing up to fast but it is so much fun to watch them become there own little person, to discover new things and learn new skills. I try so hard to soak it all in and enjoy it! Here’s to three and another year of fun!



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