What we do when we’re two! Part 3

I don’t know if I would use the term “terrible twos” to describe life with a two year old but I would definitely call them the “tumultuous twos!” Oh the ups and downs! The excitement over the simplest things the melt downs over the little things.  Yet each day I see my baby boy moving closer and closer to being a “big boy.”

This age is especially fun because Hunter understands more about what is going on.  One day we told Hunter what Halloween was and we asked him what he wanted to be. Hey replied, “Mickey!”


Of course Everly had to be Minnie!


We did lots of Fall/Halloween events this past year. We went on the Pumpkin Walk at Norskedalen which is a non-scary version of a haunted hike Brian and I use to go on B.C. (before children).  Hunter loved all the “smiley faces” carved into the pumpkins as well as all the shapes.


It was pretty cold that night but I think they kept each other warm!

We also went to the Enchanted Forest, a hike through Hixon Forest with everybody’s favorite characters who handed out candy!

Look who we found!


We also went to an event called Scarecrow Fest at local community center. They had lots of fall themed games and activities.

He takes his pumpkin painting very seriously!


Of course we picked out and carved pumpkins.


He picked out 5, one fore everyone in our family, including Izzy!


Then there was Halloween itself! We only went around our block as it was pretty cold but Hunter got a good amount of candy and had a blast!


With the fun of the Fall season I knew the Christmas season was going to be just as fun! We’ve already seen Santa at the Viterbo Alumni Christmas party and Hunter loved picking out our Christmas tree.




Developmentally my boy is SOOOO smart! I know every mom thinks this but it really is true! He knows the sounds that most of the letters make and can usually tell you what letter a word starts with. He has also been learning how to spell a few simple words. He still loves to read and his memory is incredible. He can “recite” several of his favorite books. He is also very imaginative and makes up games by himself and with his friend Lily.

Speaking of Lily, she has introduced Hunter to the wonderful world of Frozen. They “play” Frozen and Hunter repeats lines from the movie ( even though he has only seen it once). We went to an event at the Mall where he got to meet Anna and he was super excited to see Elsa at the Enchanted Forest.

102_3643 102_3687

As evident by his Halloween costume he still loves Mickey and I was so excited to take him to Disney Live with his grandma and cousin over the Thanksgiving weekend.


(Those Mickey ears came in handy!)

Just recently (as in just in the last week). We got serious about potty training. He was driving me crazy when he would ask me to change his diaper. I knew he was aware of what was going on so I finally convinced him to wear undies and he has been doing really well staying dry! This feels like a HUGE step!

We are working on discipline as Hunter has a hard time listening. “”Time Outs” weren’t really working as they just got him fired up. My mom told me about the “1-2-3 Magic” system which seems to be working. He is still having a hard time sharing with Everly and is often times pretty rough with her so we are still working on that.

Sleep, as always is an issue. He’s pretty much stopped taking naps and is usually completely unraveled by 7pm (or earlier). For awhile after Day Lights Savings time he was getting up at 5:30am and not napping. It was not fun! For the most part he sleep through the night but we’ve had a few wake ups now an then. Funny thing is he never gets out of bed which I guess is a good thing.

It is so much fun to experience things through the “new” eyes of a 2 year old. The best part about all these adventures is Hunter can anticipate them and remember them. He’ll talk about an event after it happens and tells you his favorite parts. I have so much love for this boy. Can’t believe in three months he’ll be three! Can’t wait to continue the adventure!


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