Everly Laura: 1 Year Update

Oh my sweet precious girl! I don’t even know where to begin. I think for the past two weeks I’ve said, “How you really be 1!” about a dozen times. This past year went by in a blink of an eye and I can barely remember those snuggly newborn days.


Everly you are such a bright light to my day. You just go with the flow and for the most part have a smile on your face.


When something does upset you you aren’t afraid to let us know! You are becoming more and more independent every day and are very stubborn, you like to do things on your own terms!


We celebrated your birthday for almost a whole week spending time with your Grandma Chi Chi, Uncle Johnny and Aunt Raina on your birthday and then had a party with family and friends on Thanksgiving weekend with a “Turkey” theme.


You love “gadgets” play or real (like my phone or the baby monitor). Your favorite toys are the ones that light up and make noise and of course any toy your brother is playing with is also most fun!


You aren’t walking yet but we know it won’t be long. You stand up an cruise and really like “swinging” on the baby gate. You have started to pull up on me and then let go free standing for awhile with a big smile on your face.


You are sleeping soooooo much better. You sleep through the night 12 or more hours. Your naps are pretty good to but we are trying to figure out if you should go down to one nap a day. This would allow us to have more fun together in the morning! Eating is going well too. I feel comfortable feeding you almost everything I feed your brother just cut up smaller. You have two teeth on top and three on the bottom. Yet, you seem to be getting a little pickier!


You are a very friendly and energetic little girl, almost always on the move and everyone just loves you!


We can’t wait to continue to watch you grow into the loving little girl we know you will become. You are a blessing and a joy! I am so lucky to be your mom!


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