Everly Laura: 10 and 11 month update

Hey there! Long time no blog! I guess it’s true what they say about 2nd children, they just don’t get as much brag time as first children. I don’t think I ever missed a monthly update for Hunter. I tried several times to write a 10 month update but big brother Hunter has decided to no longer nap. I do give him “quiet time” every day but it seems like most days that does not coincide with Everly’s naps. Not to mention there are just a million other things I should be doing instead of blogging when I do get a moment of free time. But enough about the busy life of a mom of two!

Oh my sweet Everly! You bring such joy to my life!


When I found out I was pregnant with Everly I’ll admit I was surprised and a little scared. I felt like I had just gotten the hang of being a mom to one little person and I just didn’t know what adding another little one to the mix would be like. But from the moment she came into this world my heart grew so much. Now almost a year later I can’t imagine my life without her!


She is such a little spitfire! She is ALWAYS on the move! She is an expert crawler! I remember when Hunter finally started crawling for the longest time he would only stay in one room. Not Everly she goes where ever her little heart desires. She pulls up on EVERYTHING, even on the wall and the side of the refrigerator. She cruises on what ever she can. But all of this has to be on her terms. You can’t make her stand up and walk holding her hands. It all has to be her idea!


She LOVES to eat! I don’t think there is anything I have put in front of her that she doesn’t like. She has begun to use the sign for “more” and pretty much continually signs it from the moment I put her in her high chair. I do think she has some favorites, avocado and cottage cheese! She also really likes hard-boiled egg yolks! We are still nursing about 4 times a day and sometimes at night.


Sleep…well, sleep. For a long while I was getting up 2-3 times a night. I would usually nurse her and she would fall back asleep only to wake up a few hours later. One night I decided to just let her work it out for her self. Of course she cried. I went in at timed intervals and comforted her and I never let her cry more than 15 minutes. If this method didn’t work after an hour I gave up and nursed her back to sleep. The first couple of nights were rough but since then she has slept through the night a few times and other times only been up once. We are getting there! If I ever find time I may write a post on why I took so long to sleep train her at night. I didn’t even realize why I waited until after I actually started doing it! Our next goal is to consistently get her sleeping through the night so we can move her into the room with Hunter….God help us!

She has two teeth coming up top and still no hair! She is really developing quite a personality and still wants to do all the things her brother does. It is so cute. I call her my little Spunkin (spunky pumpkin) and my Busy Busy Girl. She is such a delight! Can’t believe she will be one soon! Time goes so fast and I am trying my best to enjoy all the smiles, cries, giggles, snuggles, and more!

102_3669   102_3670



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