What we do when we’re 2! Part 2

Well it’s official I now have a 2 1/2 year old! Year 2 is so full of ups and downs! It takes A LOT of patience to deal with the downs but the ups are so plentiful that it makes it all worth it!

I really don’t want to do monthly updates on Hunter but it seems like SO MUCH has happened in the past three months!

A big milestone in Hunter’s world is that he moved out of the crib and into a big boy bed!


One of Brian’s cousins actually made this bed. We have since added a bedrail as I was just too worried that he would fall out! We actually made this transition pretty quickly. One day I went to get Hunter out of his crib, which he was still happy to sleep in, he wasn’t even trying to get out, simply leaning over to see me and he flipped over the railing head first. He was fine but  it freaked me out so much, much more than the thought of him having the freedom of a big boy bed that I insisted that we get him in that big boy bed that night! It was a lot less painful transition than I thought it was and until recently he hasn’t even gotten out of bed unless we come in and tell him he can. He still doesn’t always nap and has had several night waking’s but over all it has been a good thing. Now if only we could get baby sister into that crib!

Hunter really enjoyed his first trip to  the zoo in June. I don’t have a single picture of him with the animals. But he sure loved the antique tractor in the farm exhibit.


He also enjoyed being “the big boy” when we visited our friends John, Marianne Atticus and Baby Nolan. He loved exploring John and Marianne’s huge yard, visiting all the play grounds, and getting ice cream in Bayfield.

Photo   Photo          Photo  Photo

He was very sad to say good bye to Miss Brook at the last Library Story Time of the summer. But we will be back in the Fall!


For a couple of weeks at the end of June and the beginning of July Hunter battled a fever. It would last for a few days go away for a few days and return.  There were no other real symptoms except that he did get a two year molar. It was no fun! So hard to see my little man so sad and uncomfortable! We spent many days watching Mickey


We’ve spent many days playing outside enjoying the beautiful summer weather. Hunter also enjoys taking a walk in the “buggy” which is what he calls a stroller. His newest favorite thing to do on our walks it to read the house numbers to me. We also like to look for different vehicles likes motorcycles, fire trucks, mail trucks, and  best of all is if we walk near the rail road crossing and a train comes by. He gets such joy from the simplest things.


He is beginning to interact more with Everly. The majority of the time he doesn’t seem to care about her or is yelling at her for taking his toys but other times he sits and talks to her or shows her how to do something. He comforts her when she cries and has to make sure he gives her a kiss good night. She of course adores him!


He always seems to have to be right and sometimes I think his favorite word is “NO!” but I love how imaginative he is. He will play by himself for  long periods of time and I can hear him reenacting things we’ve read in books or an episode of Mickey. His memory is AMAZING! He can “read” books to me that we’ve only read together a few times. And he has also started singing! My favorite song that he sings in “Amazing Grace.”

He gives the best hugs and the sweetest kisses. I love my big gooney bug more than he’ll ever know!


He really is turning into a “big boy.” Can’t believe we are half way to 3!

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