Everly Laura: 9 Month Update

9 months?! Seriously?! Where is the time going?! I feel like having kids makes time speed up way too fast. I remember last summer thinking that by the end of next summer I’ll have a 9 month old and a 2 1/2 year old, it seemed so far away at the time yet here we are in a blink of an eye! 9 months just seems so close to 1 year, I know the next 3 months are just going to fly by.

You certainly can see Everly’s personality emerge as she gets older. Some fun things she started doing this month is giving “kisses” and she loves to wrap her arms around my neck like a hug. She also started clapping her hands. She’s got good rhythm and whenever I have the radio on she bops her little head side to side So cute!

She weighed in at 20lbs. 5oz. at her 9 month appointment and is 29 inches long. She is in the 74% for weight and the 90% for length. She’s so long!


Everly is definitely going to be my mover and my shaker. As I mentioned last month Everly is trying so hard to crawl! She still isn’t moving forward but she does “crawl” backwards. She is also able to go from sitting to her hands and knees with ease and today I saw her go from her belly to sitting. She also LOVES to stand! She likes to hang on to me or Brian and stand up. We also got the Cruise and Crawl out and she has fun hanging on to that while standing. Once she does start crawling I know she will figure out how to pull herself up very quickly. She almost did it the other day on the cruise and crawl. She is one strong little girl!

(Thanks to Cassandra for taking this picture!)


Even though she is not really “mobile” right now she can still get in to anything and everything. We really have to be careful that Hunter’s toys are not to close to her and even if they are some what out of reach she still manages to get at them! It is so fun for me to watch the evolution of her mobility as it is very different from Hunter’s.

I can’t say that I can identify any likes or dislikes as far as toys go with Everly. I know that Hunter already liked trucks as this age. Like I said, she likes to move and her favorite toy is the one her brother is playing with!

Eating still seems to be going well. She’s eating three meals of “solids” a day. Still mostly pureed food, but she has also been getting the hang of finger foods which is fun. I nurse her about 4 times during the day (or she gets a bottle of pumped milk) and still get up to feed her at night.  I am really having a hard time remembering how we progressed with foods for Hunter but I think we are doing it about the same.


Sleep! Oh sleep, how I miss you! I can’t believe I thought Everly was going to be a better sleeper than Hunter. I reread what I wrote for Hunter’s 9 month update and he had just started sleeping through the night. Everly, not so much. She falls asleep pretty easily for naps and bed time but she is still waking up about 2 hours after bedtime. Sometimes I am already in bed and have been reading for 20 minutes (under the covers), just turning off the light to go to sleep and she wakes up. Other times I am still out in our living room watching television. I usually nurse her and she falls back to sleep pretty quickly. I’ve tried letting her fuss for about 15 minutes and try to put herself back to sleep but then she just gets even more worked up and often times doesn’t fall asleep for hours afterwards! Not to mention she still wakes up in the middle of the night once or twice! The main problem is that we are still sharing a room. Not really sure how to remedy this. Our plan all along was to have the kids share a room and we are all set up to do that but I am just afraid that they will wake each other up. I was hoping that once Everly started sleeping through the night we could do this but now I don’t know when this will be. I’m honestly use to the lack of sleep for the most part but what I wouldn’t give for a few decent nights in a row or to have my room back! Any one got any tips on room sharing?

This past month we went on a fun road trip to visit my friend Marianne and her adorable twin boys who are just a month younger than Everly!


(Nolan, Everly and Atticus!)

Everly did alright in the car but did NOT nap! Once we got there we mostly just hung out and let the babies roll around on a big blanket playing with toys! It was so fun to have so many little ones around. I can’t wait to watch these three grow up together!


We did manage to hit up a few parks and visit Bayfield in between naps!


Time does seem to be going faster but as each day passes my love grows and grows for my little girl. Can’t wait to see what other surprises she has in store for us!


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