Pinterest Inspired Bathroom Redo

Here’s something different for you, a post that is NOT about my kiddos! So, I LOVE my house and I love our neighborhood. But our house is SMALL! It was perfect for a young couple, got a little tighter with one kiddo and is even tighter now with two. But as of right now we don’t have the finances or the time to move so we just make do. One room that I thought could use a little reorganization to help make it a little more spacious was our bathroom. I usually bathe both kiddos at once and it really was beginning to feel cramped and annoying. Not to mentioned that we are hopefully on the brink of really getting serious with potty training and the addition of a little potty took up even more space. I took to Pinterest to see what I could find that would work in our little space and then I set out on a hunt around town to find the supplies I needed.

What I felt was taking up the most space was this set of white shelves that were necessary to hold all my “beauty supplies” as well as some bath toys and towels.



I knew I could find a place to put the shelf but I still wanted easy access to the items on the shelf. I wanted to do something with the space above out toilet which was WIDE open.


I was hoping to move the kiddy potty out of it’s current place across from the big potty and into the space occupies by the shelves.


Did you know that some of those over the toilet organizers cost somewhere between $75 and $150? I knew we could do better. I found an image on Pinterest which showed two towel bars above a toilet with baskets hanging from them filled with bathroom supplies. Similar to this:

I knew I we didn’t have quite that much space. I was able to find two similar baskets on sale and Brian helped me pick out and install two towel racks. I hung the baskets using shower hooks.




It fit all of my items perfectly! There were still some items left on the shelf that needed a home. Mainly bath toys and supplies for the kids. I had seen several “pins” that suggested hanging a second curtain rod on the inside of your shower and hanging baskets from that as a means of storage. Well I am here to tell you, it works and it’s an excellent idea!


It’s also a great place to hang my bath mat that I kept draping over the side of the tub where it would drip all over the floor. Now the back doorway of the bathroom was clear and it felt much more spacious!

102_3487  102_3486

102_3488  102_3490

The shelves went into what use to be the shower, we installed a shower head in what use to be just a tub several years ago.


I still have some towels and paper products stored here. Brian says he is going to install real shelves so we can use this space as a linen closet. Then we are going to turn what is now our linen closet into a toy closet! Can’t wait to show you that transformation, when ever that happens. Project sure take a lot longer with kiddos around!

So there you have it! I usually don’t have the desire or motivation to “re do” things in my house but I thought I share with you a little “Pinspiration!”


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