Everly Laura: 7 Month Update

Wow! 7 months! Some how this seems more momentous to me than 6 months because it means Everly is closer to turning 1 that she was than to the day she was born!


A few milestones were met this past month. I don’t think I’ve got a good picture but Miss Everly is sporting two little teeth! She has been (and still is) chewing on everything. I can’t really say that she was overly fussy while teething and one day there one tooth was and then the other!

Eating solids foods seems to be going well.


She gets VERY excited when she sees the spoon coming towards her and she really seems to enjoy the taste of foods after she has tried them a bit. What she does not like is those foods coming out the other end! Definitely a different sensation than breast milk poos! She cries and scrunches her face up! It is is so sad! So far she has eaten.

  • Banana
  • Apple sauce
  • Baby oatmeal
  • Peas
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Prunes

So far I have only been feeding her at breakfast and dinner and mostly pureed store bought food.

Sleep is ok. We still struggled for a few weeks with her getting up every two hours and lots of tears at bed time and nap time. Now she is falling asleep on her own a lot easier (a lot less crying!), taking some pretty good naps on most days, and sleeping for longer chunks at night, falling back asleep easily after I nurse her. Still no nice long 6-8 hours stretches and I am longing for a “good nights sleep” but I’m just going to let things take their course, much like I did with Hunter. We are no longer using a swaddle and Everly definitely prefers to sleep on her stomach.

Everly went on her first road trip this past month and did GREAT! She didn’t sleep much but was happy to sit in her car seat and play with the toys I handed her.







As part of this road trip Everly also went to the zoon for the first time! Although I don’t think she really cared much about the animals she sure had fun hanging out with Grandma Chi Chi


She is doing much better at sitting up on her own but I still don’t trust her to do it alone.


She is as always my little sweetie pie! I just love her so much! Can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us!

102_3398  102_3399

102_3400                            102_3403  

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