Everly Laura 6 Month Update

Boy! Did that half of year sure fly by! I remember when Everly was born, just as the seasons changed from Fall to Winter and I thought to myself, “She’ll be half a year in May.” These warm Spring days seemed so far away but here we are!


At her 6 month appointment Everly weighed in at 18lbs 1oz. and was 27 inches long. Hunter wasn’t this size until he was 9 months old! Yet Everly dropped from the high 90 percentiles into the mid 80 percentiles. She just feel so solid to me! It’s hard for me to even remember what she was like as a itty bitty newborn.

102_3457 102_3960

                                                    3 days old vs. 6 month olds

Shortly after she turned 6 months I started introducing solid foods. She seems very excited when the spoon comes towards her mouth but then she makes a face once the food gets into her mouth.

102_4015   102_4016

102_4017   102_4018

With Hunter I was super excited to make my own baby food. I am sad to say that this time around I just don’t think I can do it! It takes so much time! Poor second child! Oh well, I will try not to beat myself up about it. I will still try and do some of the same “fresh foods” that I did with Hunter such as banana, avocado, sweet potato fries (when she is older) and broccoli bites (also when she is older).

Sleep has been all over the place lately! I felt like for awhile she was actually falling asleep on her own for bedtime and then would wake up (usually when I entered the room to go to bed) I would nurse her and she would go back to sleep for 6-8 hours. It was glorious! Now, not so much! We are back to the screaming and crying at bedtime and couple of nights she has been up every 2 hours! I know that since she is breastfed that she still probably needs to eat at night but I am just afraid of creating a sleep association. I try to let her fuss a bit but it is hard to listen to since I am in the room. If I nurse her she usually falls back to sleep pretty quickly and I can get her in the crib no problem. Part of the challenge is we are trying to get her out of her swaddle since she breaks free of it but she can’t seem to calm herself at night without it. Naps are also hit or miss. At daycare she naps for hours upon end and doesn’t need a swaddle. At home she sometimes cries sometimes just talks, is able to put herself to sleep and sleeps anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.


Definitely frustrating at the moment but I know it can only get better… right?

She is still working on sitting unassisted (so close!) and can easily roll from back to tummy but not tummy to back (also contributes to the sleep issue!).

Some of her favorite things:

  • Her brother (of course!)


  • Bath time
  • Blowing raspberries
  • Grabbing her feet
  • Putting anything and everything in to her mouth (still no teeth!)

Things she doesn’t like:

Not much! She is such a happy smiley little girl. Even if she hasn’t gotten a lot of sleep she is pretty easy going and can usually be calmed with a kiss and a tickle!

Having a second child is so much fun! I think it’s because you kind of know what to expect and you know that despite the sleepless nights things will get better. It has been so much fun watching Hunter become the little boy he is today and I enjoy watching Everly’s personality shine through more and more each day.


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