Everly Laura 5 Month Update

It feels like it has been such a long time since I last updated this blog! Little miss Everly has been 5 months for awhile now (almost a week!) and I’ve been meaning to write this update but simultaneous toddler/infant naps have NOT been happening lately!

I don’t know how much there really is to update about my beautiful girl, just some fun things that we’ve been up to. Of course she is still growing and growing! No doctor’s appointment this month so I don’t know how much she weighs or how long she is but we are guessing she is quickly approaching 20lbs! A LOT bigger than Hunter was at this age!


Look at those chunky legs! Big Brother just had to get in on the photo shoot!

About a month ago a young woman approached me at church and asked how old Everly was. She was a Physical Therapy Grad student at the University and she was looking for babies 3-7 months old to use for a research project. She asked if I would mind bringing Everly in to be part of her research. I said, “sure!”


For the research Everly had to wear a tight fitting onesie and a hat. They placed 3D sensors  around her head, neck, and shoulders just like the type of sensors they use to make 3D movies! Then they held Everly and moved her body left and right to observe her head control. They took pictures with a regular 2D still camera and a 2D video camera AND then using the 3D sensors took pictures using 3D cameras that were placed around the room. They were comparing the 2D and 3D results to see which was better at diagnosing head and neck problem like torticollis.

image (2)

She did great and the students and professor just loved her!

Everly also got to meet the two boys who will one day fight over who gets to have her heart! Smile


Remember my best friend who was pregnant with twins? Well these are her two adorable boys! They were born just a month after Everly. I am pretty sure Nolan is on her right and Atticus is on her left. It was so great to finally meet them over Easter.

She has rolled over a couple of times but doesn’t do it regularly and she is working on sitting up. Check out her adorable Easter dress!


We took our first walk to Ranison’s Ice Cream Shop!



And we’ve even had a few nice days where we can go outside and enjoy the sunshine!


I’ve started having Everly sit in the high chair with us for meal times but we won’t start solids until next month.


She sure likes being part of the action and of course watching her big brother!


Sleep has been going ok. She easily falls asleep on her own for naps and usually takes some pretty decent naps sometimes she take s a short one but usually makes up for it later. Night time is a whole different story. I can count on one hand the number of times she has fallen asleep on her own with out putting up a big fuss (a.k.a. crying!). And I can also count on one hand the number of times she actually stays asleep for the night once she finally is down. I’m not really sure what to do! I’ve tried putting her to bed earlier, I’ve tried later. Even when I do nurse her to sleep we play this annoying game of me trying to transfer her to her crib without waking her up. When I finally am successful she usually doesn’t stay asleep. Not really sure what is up with that. I’m thinking it’s because eventually I sleep in the room with her and maybe she wakes up and realizes I’m not there (since I would like to sit down and watch TV for an hour before falling asleep!) and that’s what wakes her up. I guess she just knows I won’t be there for naps! The good news is I have her out of the Rock ‘N Play and completely in the Pack N’ Play. I am still swaddling her but we are getting close to stopping that as she is fighting it! We’ll get it all worked out soon (I hope!) she is still A LOT farther along than Hunter was. I think Hunter was still in the swing at night when he was 5 months old!

She is still my little sweetie pie and I just love her more and more each day! I love watching her grow and change and develop her own personality!


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