Game Changers!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE bring a mom! Becoming a mom for the first time was AMAZING but also life changing. Becoming a mom for second time with my babies being less than two years apart was also a pretty dramatic change. It became very evident that there needed to be some adaptations made to our life to make this transition a little easier. Enter two “game changers” that I made to help make things just a little easier.

Number 1: I chopped my hair!


Before hair


after 1

after 2

I have pretty much had the same hair style for several years and just go in and have it trimmed every couple months. Now an then I would have a little more cut off than usual or once I tried bangs. I have REALLY thick heavy hair. With the longer cut it looked ok if I let it air dry but with this cold winter there was no way I was going to sit around or go out with a wet head BUT it took me FORVER to blow dry all that hair. I know a lot of moms pull their hair back into a pony tail but I couldn’t do that because of the weight of my hair I would get headaches. This was often really annoying in the summer when I wanted to stay cool. I just didn’t have time to deal with it. I looked up some pictures of shorter hair cuts and brought them in to a new to me salon (The Orange Pearl)  and a new stylist I was trying because I had a coupon. Some how she knew EXACTLY what I needed. Honestly my hair cut looks nothing like the photos and is A LOT shorter than I was thinking of going but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It is so easy to manage and it feels so light! I am using less shampoo and I only need one towel when I shower (I always needed to wrap my hair in a separate towel or it would drip all over me). If I don’t have time for a full shower I just put some product in it, give it a little fluff and it looks pretty decent. I am spending a lot less time getting ready in the morning which is so helpful when you need to get three people out the door and to and from daycare and work at reasonable time.

Speaking of getting around town…. we bought a mini van!


I have wanted a mini van ever since we had Hunter BUT it wasn’t really necessary and we wanted to finish paying off Brian’s truck before buying another car. With the addition of miss Everly it became very evident that we would eventually need a bigger car. With two car seats in my Saturn there was only room for one other passenger and if you wanted to take a stroller anywhere forget putting anything else in the trunk (and this was only the single stroller!). I had been researching mini vans and decided on a used Chrysler Town and Country because it was affordable AND had lots of bells and whistles. I absolutely LOVE the automatic doors and the easy Stow and Go seats. Plus the back up camera and cool audio system are pretty great too. We even have a DVD player which I think will come in handy on road trips. I don’t mind driving a bigger vehicle and I LOVE all the space!

The kid’s first ride in the van



So yeah! Two changes that have helped us ease into this new normal. Could I have lived without both of them? Sure! But they sure have made life a lot easier! Now I feel like I’ve got it all! I’ve got the kids, the mom hair cut, and the mom car!


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