Turning 2!

I was planning Hunter’s two year post in my head for a long time and had planned on writing it soon after his birthday, along with Everly’s 3 month update. Sadly, my dad passed away the day after Hunter’s birthday and our world was turned topsy turvy for awhile. Things have seemed to settle down a bit and we are once again adjusting to a new normal, which has been tough since I still wasn’t fully adjusted to the “other new normal” of being a working mom of two little ones!  I hope to write a tribute to my dad soon but right now I’m still processing and grieving my loss.

On to my two year old! We celebrated Hunter’s birthday with a gathering at Grandma and Grandpa Cuckoo’s house. Just so you know Hunter calls them this because they have a cuckoo cuckoo clock!


We celebrated with Hunter’s aunts and uncles as well as his cousins and Grandma Chi Chi (my mom). We  had pizza and of course cake and ice cream. Hunter enjoyed eating his cake this year much more than he did last year!


He also really got into his presents this year. Sadly I don’t think I have any still pictures of him opening them! He got some Duplo’s, clothes, trucks, and more!

Two can be such a fun age, especially with our little chatter box. He just goes on and on about anything and everything. He repeats everything we say (so we have to be careful!) and his memory is incredible. He takes such joy in the littlest things. I love watching his face light up over a truck or other toy (but mostly trucks!). Two can also be challenging. Of course I have heard of the “terrible twos” and I have definitely seen this side of my little man. For the most part it hasn’t been too bad BUT since Everly came along we have had to work on discipline, which has mainly been time outs. He’s such a smart little guy and you can see it in his eyes when he knows he is doing something wrong. I have experienced a full on sobbing hysterically meltdown due to be giving him a time out. I try my best to talk about what happened and why he got a time out but I am not sure he totally gets it every time. He has also expressed some aggression in regards to sharing toys at daycare. This has been really challenging to address since he doesn’t do this at home. For the most part he is my sweet kind delightful boy and turning into such a good big brother!


I recently started giving Hunter and Everly baths together and for a guy who likes to get pretty wild in the tub he is very gentle and cautious when Everly is in there with him. I usually get her out early then Hunter and can have at it!

Sleep has gone pretty much to hell! He has been fighting, resisting, and skipping naps A LOT! And believe me he still needs them! He is one crabby beast if he doesn’t get one. I’ve read up on this and most “experts” say to keep attempting naps at least giving him some quiet time. Only problem with this is he is NOT QUIET! He doesn’t cry but he yells and screams and jumps around his crib (we have not transitioned to a big boy bed, I am too afraid he’ll tear his room apart!). I will often times go in to check on him (to make sure he hasn’t pooped!) and lay him down reminding him he is suppose to be napping. Sometimes he falls asleep. This would be ok but by now it’s getting pretty late in the day! I don’t want him to nap too late because then he won’t go to sleep at night! Even if he falls asleep late at night he still gets up between 6:30am and 7:30am and is usually crabby! It’s kind of a nightmare to tell the truth. Not really sure what else to really do about it!

We have also ventured into the world of potty training! I have pretty much dreaded this BUT would love to only have one baby in diapers sooner rather than later. I owe a lot of thanks to our daycare provider. She is starting to train her daughter and often times sets the other daycare kids on the potty at the same time (she has more than one potty). One day Hunter peed in the potty! I was so pumped! We recently bought a little potty chair (only had one that sat in the big potty) and we ask him if he wants to sit on it several times a day. He usually sits while we read to him but had yet to really produce anything. Today he told me he wanted to sit on the potty to read and he actually went potty! I never thought I’d be so excited about a bodily function! Thus far we are taking a relaxed approach and still wearing diapers, kind of seeing where it goes from here.

Can’t believe my sweet boy is 2! Not sure if I will continue these monthly updates and just occasionally update on Hunter. I try to soak up as much alone time I can with him (when Everly is sleeping). I do miss all the alone time we use to have but I don’t think he does. He LOVES his daddy! It’s ok, I can deal with that! I love watching our family evolve and change and I know this is only the beginning!



One response to “Turning 2!

  1. I enjoyed reading your update and the pictures of your adorable kids are great. Nice job, Kristin and Brian – you are both wonderful parents. Don’t get so worried about how long it takes to learn things, like potty training – they all progress differently and usually boys take longer for this. Steve was successful when they wouldn’t move him into the 3-year old room until he did it. Once he did it, he never had an accident – probably because he was a little older (I think right after his 3rd BD). But, like I said, they are all different.

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