Hunter James: 23 month update!

Whoa! Just one month until the little man turns 2! So hard to believe! I am pretty sure the second year went faster than the first year, especially the last two months with the addition of Miss Everly!

Hunter is starting to embrace his roll as “Big Brother”


Hard to get a good picture of this guy since he is ALWAYS. MOVING. And it’s very hard to convince him to wear a shirt that doesn’t have a vehicle on it! As I mentioned in Everly’s post she is starting to interact and laugh more. Guess who she finds the most interesting and funny?


The day after Everly was born was one of the coldest opening of deer hunting in a looooong time and since then the weather has not let up one bit! I’m talking highs not above zero with bone chilling wind chill readings. As you recall just before she was born Hunter really started walking so it has been hard to take advantage of this new found ability outside. One day grandma and grandpa Johnson were over and grandma suggested that grandpa take Hunter for a walk since it just happened to be a day that the high wasn’t in the negative! We bundled him up and they walked to either end of the block. Since then, there has been about two days I have felt comfortable taking both Hunter AND Everly out side for a walk. And it is so much fun!


Everly all tucked away in the Ergo!


We discovered a Little Free Library about half a block from our house and Hunter thinks it is the greatest thing!


There is also another one about a block down and across the street. We’ll have to check that one out next time!

Another fun winter activity that we just tried was going to the Family Fun Center  (basically an indoor play ground!) at the Y. He has gone several times with his daycare provider but my mom and I took both kiddos there this past week and it was so much fun! I love seeing the joy and excitement on Hunter’s face as he runs around. I am REALLY longing for nicer weather when we can hit up some of the parks. He wasn’t really walking the last time I took him to the park so I can only imagine how fun it will be.

And it wouldn’t be a post if I didn’t mention sleep which is actually going pretty well. We had a few weeks there where he was resisting and skipping his nap. Brian and I would spend the nap time hours trying to rock him and settle him down. A friend of mine (hi Becky) suggested that maybe he didn’t need help settling down but he was displaying some typical  toddler behavior and resisting his nap as a form of independence. By constantly going in and interacting with him he thought nap time was play time. Since then when he has resisted his naps I go in an gently but firmly tell him that it is nap time and he needs to rest. Then I lay him down (no snuggles or rocking), tell him I love him and leave. I usually only have to go in once (maybe twice) and he goes to sleep. He has hardly even resisted since implementing this strategy. He has skipped a few naps at day care which is odd since he usually sleeps better there but other than that all is well!

Hunter continues to delight me with his amazing language skills and his joy and excitement for EVERYTHING. I look forward to watching him continue to grow in his role as big brother and I know this next year will bring many more adventures!


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