Everly Laura: 1 Month Update..er… 6 Week Update

*I started writing this on the day Everly turned 1 month but then the holidays came along and poof! Now she’s bit older!

I can hardly believe it has been a whole month 6 weeks since our little one came into the world! I know when Hunter was born it felt like time speeded up and now it feels like it has gone into hyper drive!


I have to laugh at myself. I have been rereading the updates I did on Hunter when he was the same age as Everly. When Hunter was 1 month old I thought he should be and could be on some type of schedule. I read on some blog about The Baby Whisperer and got that book which recommends putting baby on a 3 hour schedule during the day in which baby eats, has awake time and then sleeps. I thought this was something I HAD to do. I now know that all babies are different and this is just not possible for all babies plus most babies aren’t ready for any type of schedule until they are a bit older. As far as Everly goes we just kind of role with the punches. I feed her when she seems hungry and sooth her to sleep when she seems tired (she has much better sleep cues than Hunter did) or sometimes she falls asleep on her own. I was also keeping track of Hunter’s every feeding, diaper change and sleep time with an app on my iPod. Haven’t even thought of doing that with Everly. I might do this later when I do decide to try some type of schedule with her, just so I can see if there is a pattern.


Our little girl is growing and growing! In my two week update I wrote that Everly was back up to her birth weight plus some. I took her in a few days ago because of a terrible rash on her face,  shoulders, and back. Turns out to be nothing major just something some babies get. At the appointment they weighed her and she was 11lbs 9oz! She is definitely a good eater and I sometimes I feel like I feed her ALL. THE. TIME! But I guess that is ok as long as she is happy and growing!


5 Days Old


1 Month Old, what difference!

I think (hope?) that Everly is going to be a better sleeper than her brother. At first it seemed this way. We never enjoyed the sleepy newborn stage with Hunter. Everly on the other hand seemed to sleep a lot during the first month of her life. She also seemed to have her nights and days mixed up and I would often find myself having a little two hour party between midnight and 2am! Now that she is growing out of that newborn stage she does seem to be sleeping less. Many nights, right around 9pm when I am exhausted and ready for bed she revs up and doesn’t end up going to sleep until 11pm! For the most part she sleeps for two hours at a time (last night we had a 4 hours stretch!) but sometimes she sleeps for only 30 minutes and then I have to sooth her back for some real sleep. Naps are hit or miss. Now that she is older she sometimes only naps for 30 minutes or so but other times she naps for hours! Still very unpredictable. For the most part I either rock or nurse her to sleep. I have seen her fall asleep on her own a few times but I have definitely not given any thought to sleep training. All in good time. This time around I’m not stressing out too much about sleep. I know this is just how things are for awhile and then they get better. Sure I am SUPER tired and my house is a mess because I choose napping over cleaning but oh well!


I’m still experimenting with how Everly likes to sleep. For about a week I had her sleeping unswaddled in her Rock ‘N Play but then I tried moving her to the Pack ‘N Play and thought she would prefer being swaddled since it’s a bigger space. The two nights she’s done a longer stretch of sleep was swaddled in the Rock N’ Play. I think we’ll stick with that for now but she is almost outgrowing it!

Probably the coolest thing that our little Everly has gotten to do during her short little life was just before she turned one month old she got to play baby Jesus. Every four years Brian’s parent’s church puts on this amazing event called Bethlehem. They recreate the town of Bethlehem the day after Jesus was born. Guests travel through the city and see what as life of like during the time of Jesus. The final stop is the manager to see the Christ child.


As a child I had gone to Bethlehem and thought it was so cool! I have also gone in the more recent years since dating and marrying Brian. I was so thrilled to find out they would be having Bethlehem this year and even more thrilled to find out they needed families to play the Holy Family.


It was a really special experience. People were so amazed to see a live baby. I think it also helped people to remember the true meaning of Christmas.


Another important event in Everly’s short life was that she was baptized.


We were able to celebrate this with Brian’s sister and family as they were still in town for the holidays.



I still feel like we are adjusting to life with two little ones and with the craziness of the holidays we haven’t really settled into a routine. I have six more weeks until I go back to work so I am hoping things start being a little more predictable by then.


Sometimes I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have two beautiful children that are mine! Some days I feel really overwhelmed with two under two but other days I feel like a rock star mom juggling everything. I love being a mom and feel so blessed to have these little ones to care for!


An update on Hunter coming soon!


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