Hunter James: 21 Month Update

Wow! What a month! 2 MAJOR things happened in the past 30 days. One, of course, is just two days before Hunter turned 21 months he became a big brother!


I will write more about the day before and of Everly’s birth but one thing that stands out in my mind is that on Thursday night Brian gave Hunter his bath, I did the night time routine, rocking and singing to to him, laying my baby boy in his crib. The next time I saw him, Saturday late morning, he was no longer by baby, he was a big boy! He just looks HUGE to me! I am not suppose to lift anything over 15lbs. but I have had him snuggle and crawl into my lap and he just feels so heavy! It’s such a crazy transformation.


As far as how he’s doing with the change, right now I can say he seems fine. He does want to come up and see me when I am holding or nursing Everly but we can usually distract him if need be with a new toy or something else. Fortunately, before Everly’s arrival he became very attached to Brian so he is happy to hang with daddy.


Also we’ve had plenty of help from the grandparents to keep him busy. I try my hardest to spend some one on one time with him each day but honestly it doesn’t seem like enough! I was so use to giving him all my attention! He seems ok with it for right now. We are continuing to send him to daycare to keep his routine some what the same.

I remember when Hunter was born I was SUPER emotional those first few weeks. I would just look at him and start crying! I think part of this was realizing how drastically my life had changed, how  I was responsible for another human being and in a sense mourning the loss of my old life. This time around the only time I have felt weepy is when relating with Hunter. I cried the first time I saw him after giving birth. Or for another example this morning, Everly was sleeping and Brian was getting ready to take Hunter to day care. I asked him if he wanted to snuggle with mama and he crawled into my lap and said, “Songs.” Up until Thursday that was part of our morning routine. Again a few tears from me, probably just mourning the change in my relationship with him. I know with time we will all adjust to the “new normal.” Over all right now it is going well!

The other HUGE change this month is that Hunter is WALKING! He still crawls but he is more likely to walk all over! He’s not a pro or very graceful but is nice to see him developing this skill! It was also helpful during my last month of pregnancy.


Sadly I have no walking pictures of him! This was him taking all the dirty laundry out of my basket and playing in it! Too cute!

We can’t forget Hunter’s 2nd Halloween! I have to admit, doing to me being very pregnant and him just barely walking at the time we didn’t do costumes or trick or treating. We did carve pumpkins, something he didn’t seem very interest him and we went to visit Brian’s friend who decorated his house in a “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme.




He continues to be my delightful little boy, chattering from morning until night. It swill be interesting to see how his relationship with his baby sister develops. It is true what they say, the love in your heart grows as you add a child to your family but I had almost 21 months with this little man and I cherish each and every moment, even the hard ones. He might not remember being an only child but I will, and I know it just makes our relationship all the more special.


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