Baby Sneaker 2.0 Update: 40 Weeks (and 5 days!)

Well here we are again! My due date has come and gone and once again I am ALMOST 41 weeks!


Another not so good “selfie” but you get the idea I am HUGE! I was ten days over due with Hunter and in reading my blog posts from that time I seemed to be a lot more calm, and relaxed and a lot less anxious and ready to be done. This time I am SO READY to be done! In theory I could really not be that over due as both my ultrasounds showed me measuring 5-6 days less than I actually was but I guess they don’t change your due date unless you are measuring a week or more off.

But seriously! I am ready!  I feel so much bigger and uncomfortable this time around. None of my maternity clothes seems to fit any more plus I am so sick of them I am ready to burn them! Even my shoes don’t fit any more because of my giant elephant feet! I’ve tried all the tried and true methods to get labor started, my favorite being walking around the mall while all the older adult mall walkers pass me and my waddling self! The only things I continue to enjoy is yoga!

In addition to being uncomfortably large I am also suffering from a hellish cold causing me to lose more sleep. I keep joking that if I do go into labor while I am still sick I’m going to cough this baby out!

I am still working but this will be my last week since next week is Thanksgiving and the Wednesday night program I am in charge of isn’t meeting. I actually had someone else cover my Wednesday night program last night since I felt so terrible. I really needed to rest. I have NEVER missed a Wednesday night so I know I was really feeling awful.

Tomorrow I have a Fetal Non-Stress Test (NST) and then an appointment with my doctor. I didn’t have an NST with Hunter when I was over due. I was scheduled to have one after a late ultrasound but the results of the ultrasound indicated there was no need for the NST. Much as I am ready to be done with this pregnancy I am not really interested in an induction. As long as the baby and I are still healthy I would like things to progress naturally if possible. Not sure how long they will let me go over due but last time it was 2 weeks.

So, I guess we’ll just have to wait an see! I really am trying to stay positive and I just keep imagining what it will be like to hold my baby girl for the first time. Just like anything it’s a lot of mental toughness as well as physical!

Until next time!


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