Baby Sneaker 2.0 Update: 38 Weeks Double the Fun!

Wow! Here we are, 38 weeks, full term, and in theory ready to go “any day now!” This pregnancy has been pretty similar to Hunter’s with just a few minor differences. For one it seems that this time around I know A LOT more women who are expecting babies. I’ve been to 3 baby showers while pregnant with Baby Sneaker 2.0 and this past weekend I got to celebrate with one of very best friends as she gets ready for the arrival of her twin boys!

photo (1)

Marianne is due in January and I am so excited that our little ones will be about 2-3 months apart in age. Marianne and I met sometime in grade school but became very close in high school mainly because of Girl Scouts (which not a lot of high school girls still participate in). My closest group of friends and ones that  I remain friends with still today were at the shower. We’ve shared so many good times together, graduations, weddings, Disney Half Marathons, and now babies!


One of the first things I said to Marianne when she told me she was expecting twins (besides, “TWINS! I just can’t believe it!”) was , “When do we get to throw you a shower!” I loved the shower that my friends threw for me and I couldn’t wait to throw one for her. Amy and Betsy (in the front row) also hosted the shower. It was so great to see everyone and celebrate!

This shower was the last very important event on my calendar. Now all I have is a few work things (which can be covered if needed) and doctor’s appointments. I am definitely feeling ready to have this baby. I don’t really remember feeling ready to be done with pregnancy with Hunter. I just was patiently waiting his arrival. I am getting tired of my maternity clothes that barely fit me any more and I am also surprised and annoyed that several of my shoes are uncomfortably tight. This did not happen the last time! On days I work I can’t wait to get home put on sweats and my slippers. I am generally uncomfortable in any position (sitting or standing) for too long. Even laying down isn’t always that comfortable. I am most comfortable on my left side, which is the side you are suppose to lay on but sometimes I want to switch to my right side. But this doesn’t last long since that is where baby’s legs are and she starts kicking! Needless to say being very pregnant, having a toddler who isn’t sleeping well, and daylight savings time have left me pretty worn out! So yes! I am ready to have this baby!

Besides the physical discomfort I also don’t like the state of “limbo” I feel like I am in. I remember this from my last pregnancy and how annoying it was. I just find myself saying, “I might be there or not.”  Everything is set at work and home so if I can’t be somewhere it’s fine. I just don’t like being unable to commit!

Mostly I just can’t wait to meet our little girl, give her lots of snuggles and introduce her to her big brother! Any day now is fine by me!


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