Hunter James: 20 Month Update

It is so hard for me to believe that Hunter’s age in months  starts with 2 instead of a 1! Also hard to believe that in just 4 short months he will be 2! I feel like in the last month he has learned so many things!

He still is not walking on his own but he has made GREAT improvements over the last month. He will now stand up on his own (with our encouragement) and take a few (maybe 8-12) steps towards us or a toy he wants to play with. This was definitely not happening a month  ago!


I did have him evaluated through our county’s birth to 3 program last week. They told me that his gross motor skills are at a 12-14 month level BUT his language and cognitive skills at that of a 24-30 month old! That little guy picks up on EVERYTHING you say or tell him. This past month he really picked up on numbers. He can identify the numbers 1-10 and even counts to 10 (but he often skips 5!). He is also getting pretty good at identifying colors. Instead of calling animals by the sound that they make he now knows the names of most of the common animals. I never realized some of the phrases I say until I hear him repeating me. One thing I apparently always say is, “Oh my!” I hear him saying this in his crib when he is suppose to be sleeping!


Speaking of sleep, Hunter’s sleep has been all over the place this month. We even had a night where he was up several times (ugh!) which hasn’t happen in I don’t know how long! We had one week where he was falling asleep easily for bedtime and naps AND sleeping until 7:30am at which point I had to wake him up to get ready for our day! I was really hoping that we had fallen into a nice permanent pattern but alas it was not to be. He then started having trouble falling asleep at night again AND waking extremely early AND fighting or skipping his naps. This has resulted in some pretty rough days! It’s so hard for me to see him tired which is evident by how easily he gets frustrated, how quickly he falls asleep before 7pm on days he hasn’t napped or even fallen asleep in my arms while we enjoy our afternoon dose of Cars 2 on TV. I’ve tried changing up his schedule, playing with him really hard, outside walks, baths with soothing lavender soap. Everything I can think of. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t there is no rhyme or reason to it! This does not bode well for bringing a newborn into the house or for daylight savings time. Not sure if his struggles are because he is learning to walk or learning so many other things. I do know that when he does get a enough sleep he is certainly a lot more happy!


I don’t think we will be doing much for Halloween this year. I am so not creative with costumes (something I know I need to get better at now that we’ll have two little ones!) and we weren’t planning on taking Hunter Trick or Treating since he can’t really walk and we don’t need candy in our house! We did take Hunter to a farm to pick out some pumpkins for carving (same farm as last year)!


He was a lot more interested in the kitties and tractors!


Watching daddy load up the pumpkins!


Not too sure about the wheelbarrow ride!


It is so much fun to watch Hunter experience new things. One thing I love about his language skills being so strong is he points out and sees things that sometimes I don’t even notice! I am both and excited and scared to see how he reacts to becoming a big brother. Which, if unless I am 8 days late, will happen while he is 20 months old! So crazy to think about being a mom of two! Hunter will always be my first baby! Nothing can replace that crazy love you feel for your first born! More fun to come I’m sure!


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