Baby Sneaker 2.0 36 Week Update

Poor baby sneaker 2.0 just doesn’t get as much “face time” on this blog as Hunter did! I can truly see how drastically my life changed since becoming a mom. It’s hard for me to imagine blogging every week let alone more than once a week like I use to. I really just don’t feel like I have time (or energy) to do that. I do go back and read my weekly updates from my first pregnancy. I think it is interesting to see what I wrote about. There truly is something “magical” about your first pregnancy. Everything is just so new! I honestly don’t notice a lot of change from week to week and am not as focused on the changes in myself or development of the baby this time around. I of course am focused more on Hunter but I am also focused on just how it feels to be pregnant and how my baby moves inside me.

Case in point I truly meant to do a 34 week update and even had Brian take a picture of me.


Compare that to my first pregnancy at 34 weeks

Week 34 (2)

Here is my 36 Week photo this time around. Please excuse how I look, this was after I had gotten Hunter bathed and to bed today when he didn’t take a nap! I also had to do a “selfie” because Brian was out hunting and I knew I wanted to write this post since Hunter went to bed so early!


First pregnancy

Week 36 (2)

As I’ve mentioned before and as I’m sure you can tell I am carrying this baby differently. I honestly don’t “feel” bigger or feel like I look that different but the pictures don’t lie. With Hunter I was more round and with this baby I feel like I stick out a lot more! As result of this I have A LOT more stretch marks on my belly. I am not sure what position baby is in, my doctor thinks she is head down but to make sure she is going to do an in office ultra sound. I think baby is diagonal. I usually feel kicks on the upper right side of my belly and feel a lot of pressure in the lower left side of my belly. Speaking of kicks, as I’ve mentioned before this little girl kicks WAY more and A LOT harder than Hunter did. Not only that but I can also feel little feet (knees? hands? elbows? not really sure) move across my belly. I don’t remember feeling anything like that with Hunter, just general movement and maybe his little butt sticking out. It’s pretty cool and helps me to imagine what this little one is doing inside. Also, pretty much every day, several times a day my belly visibly “dances” back and forth. So fun to watch!

In general I feel fine. Uncomfortable would be a word that comes to mind. I get most uncomfortable when I have to be at work and sit at my desk. I try and get up frequently to walk around and stretch but sitting too long just is not fun. Other days I feel just fine and ALMOST forget I’m pregnant (almost!).

My overall health has been good. I passed my 3 hour Glucose test no problem! I am now seeing my doctor every week. This coming week Brian and I get to tour the Family Birth Place (a.k.a. the maternity ward). We thought this would be a good idea since we delivered at the other hospital in town.

As far as getting ready for baby I feel like we are ALMOST there. Poor Brian has pretty much moved out of our bedroom. He moved his dresser down into the basement to make room for the Pack N’ Play.


I also moved the small chest of drawers from Hunter’s room into our room since it contained mostly baby things like burp clothes and pacifiers.

I know this area still looks like a mess but honestly, it’s an organized mess containing the changing pad, the boppys, diaper bags, and baby toys.


I have also cleaned up our baby seat, swing, and baby mat as well as the bassinet which we now have in our dinning room. We are all set on clothes thanks to gifts from folks, thrift store buys, and Cassandra (who takes care of Hunter) lent us a TON of baby girl clothes since her little girl was also born in November, so all the clothes are the right “season.” We even have diapers ready to go and an extra delivery of newborn diapers scheduled next month through Amazon. I even made my own nursing tanks using this tutorial. So easy and cheap! Makes me wonder why I didn’t do this the first time!

All that’s left is for me to do wash up and sanitize the bottles/breast pump parts. Pack the hospital bag (kind of waiting until we have our tour to do this), and have Brian install the infant car seat. We also need to pack a bag for Hunter and have a SET plan for him. There are just so many scenarios that can happen as to when I go into labor it’s hard to know what to plan for. Fortunately we have lots of people who are willing to care for him. We also plan to have Brian spend as much time with him as he can after the baby is born, and to keep sending him to Cassandra’s house to keep things as “normal” as possible for him.

I keep putting these chores off because during Hunter’s naptime (when there is one!) I am usually trying to work on a blanket I am knitting for the baby. Soon after we found out we were having a girl I quickly whipped up a little hat and some booties in pink for our little one.


But this blanket! It is much more complicated than I thought it would be! I really enjoy the pattern but I also have visions of myself finishing it while I’m in labor!

We’ve also been trying to get Hunter ready for the new baby. We play with “his baby” every day. When I got out some of the baby items I told him that they were for the baby and we showed him how the baby would use them using the doll.


He loves to undress and redress the baby. And he tells me the baby’s diaper is “soggy” (which is what I say to him) so we change the baby’s diaper too. I’m pretty sure he thinks this is all fun and games and reality will be a lot different! I hope to get Hunter a little gift from the new baby as well as put together a little basket of special toys for Hunter to play with when I am busy nursing the baby.

I am honestly kind of in denial about how close we are to having this baby. The last two birth stories I’ve read were from women who had their second child. The first woman had hers in 3 hours and the second had hers in 4 hours! They both made it to their due dates though. In reality by the end of next week I will be considered “full term” and could potentially have the baby “at any time!” BUT since Hunter was 10 days late I am kind of in denial. I was definitely ready earlier last time. Just like last time I know this baby will come when she is ready weather I am or not! I don’t know if you can every be TRULY ready for a baby but I definitely feel a little more relaxed this time. I think I am more worried about how life with two little ones will be but I guess I won’t know until it happens and I am fully prepared for it to be hard but nothing I know Brian and I can’t get through together!

Still excited to meet this little girl, to snuggle and kiss her and to see what life as a family of four is like!

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