Hunter James 19 Month Update

Sometimes I seriously want to yell, “TIME PLEASE SLOW DOWN!” Can’t believe my little guy is closer to 2 than 1!  He continues you delight and amaze me every day!

We had his 18 month appointment just a few days before he turned 19 months. He weighed in at 25lbs. and measured 2 feet 9 inches which makes him long and lean, not sure where he gets that from. Brian and I are both pretty average height and more on the stocky side.  I expressed my concerns to our doctor about him not walking. She did give us a referral to the county’s birth to 3 program (which my mom worked for!) so we have begun that process which includes an evaluation by a physical therapist and an early childhood teacher. Our doctor wasn’t too worried though. He is fine in all other developmental areas. She was especially blown away at his verbal skills. She was impressed that he is able to put two words together and she asked me how many words he knew. I had no clue so that week I counted them and came up just over 100 and since then he’s added even more. I’ve been told that by age 2 toddlers should know 50 words! So, I guess he’s just working harder on those language skills. His talking sure makes life fun. He loves to describe everything and repeats everything we say. For example, when we walk with Izzy and she lags behind I say, “Come on Izzy!” The other day we were walking to church (so we didn’t have Izzy) and Hunter says, “Come on Izzy!” because he couldn’t see her.  It also limits the amount of tantrums that happen because he can tell me what he wants. Since his appointment Hunter has gotten better at standing without support and just in the last few days he’s taken a few tentative steps on his own (he jus has to make sure mom is there to catch him!). So, I know he’ll get it eventually. We don’t even know if he’ll qualify for services until after and evaluation and who knows by then he might be walking!

Some other fun things that happened this past month. Hunter got to see the boat that Brian use to work on, the Julia Belle Swain, for the first time in his life. The boat was purchased by a non-profit group and moved down to our Riverside Park to help promote its come back.



Grandma Chi Chi came along and helped Hunter practice his walking!


He started calling my mom “Chi Chi” that day. I tried to teach him her name (Charlene) or her nickname (Charlie) and he came up with “Chi Chi” I think it’s pretty darn cute!

Hunter also has a new “game” that we play every day. When I make the bed in the morning he is always in the room with me. When  I would toss the pillows off the bed I would say “aaaaaa bouf!” therefore Hunter now calls pillows “boufs” and every day he likes to pull the pillows off our couch as well has take the body I pillow I use, toss them on the ground and flop his body on top of them as well as climb all over them.


He also insists that Brian and I flop down on the pillows next to him



Such a fun game!

He still loves going to daycare and asks to see his best buddy Lily every day. One day Lily and her parents stopped by our house to drop off some baby girl clothes. You should have seen those two! Hunter just had to show Lily all his toys. He even pushed her around on his favorite truck.



We have had a little trouble with sleep lately. He still occasionally fights his naps and when he does finally fall asleep it’s for a looooong time making bedtime really late. I have been trying to wake him up by 4pm just so his naps don’t get too late but that often results in a crabby Hunter. Even when he does fall asleep easily he either sleeps for 3 hours (in which case I have to wake him up) or he wakes up after less than two hours crying his head off.  The reason I’ve been trying to limit his naps is that he has been having a hard time falling asleep at night AND then instead of sleeping later wakes up early. It doesn’t seem to matter what time his nap ends or how long it is he still has trouble falling asleep at night. For example, today he woke up SUPER early, and did not nap well. I tried to put him down early for bed  (7:15pm) since he was clearly tired and crabby, and he’s been in his crib for almost 45 minutes rolling around and babbling quietly.  Not really sure what to do about this and I hope it’s just a faze. Also trying not to stress out too much about it. For the most part he seems to be getting enough sleep and seems happy but I know it will catch up to him someday (like today he was kind of a beast!).

And one final thing Hunter learned this month was the joy and fun it is to feed Izzy from the table!


Definitely not something we are encouraging but pretty cute just the same! Glad we captured it on camera!

I am trying my best to soak up these last final months of Hunter being an only child. Sometimes when he has a hard time napping I go in and rock him (yes, I know I probably shouldn’t)and often times he falls asleep in my arms. I find myself holding him just a little longer than necessary knowing these days are soon coming to an end and I’ll be snuggling another little being soon.

I feel so blessed every day that I get to be Hunter’s mom! Can’t imagine what life will be like with two!


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