Baby Sneaker 2.0: 30 Weeks!

Hello again! I can’t believe it’s been 5 (almost 6!) weeks since I have done a Baby Sneaker 2.0 Update. In some ways I feel like not very much has happened and in some ways I feel like A LOT has happened!

Here’s me and baby at 30 weeks 5 days!


Please ignore all the junk behind me, I’ll explain later!

Here I am when I was 30 weeks pregnant with Hunter

Week 30 (4)

Definitely carrying differently this time! I had a doctor’s appointment earlier this week and she said I am measuring right at 31 inches and I’ve “only” gained 20lbs. which she is happy with, so I guess I am too! Everything else at my doctor’s appointment looked good (blood pressure, heart beat) except for I didn’t pass by 1 hour glucose challenge test! I came in at 130 and I guess they lowered the  max from 140 to one 130 so that means I have to do the 3 hour fasting test which includes 4 blood draws! I am NOT looking forward to this! But I am hoping I pass the 3 hour test. When I was pregnant with Hunter I tested at 128 which appeared to me to be VERY good since the max at that time was 140 but really wasn’t that far off from what I was this time. I am really glad I documented my first pregnancy so well. It is fun to look back and compare!

I know that Hunter kicked and moved a lot but I feel that this baby does it even more! And all over too. Sometimes I feel like my whole belly is shaking!

As I entered the third trimester I began to feel the not so fun effects of being pregnant, mainly an aching body. Last week was the first night we had Youth Ministry at church. I spent most of the day on my feet preparing for the event and then of course was in charge of the event until almost 9pm. I felt great during Youth Ministry but the next morning when I woke up I felt like I had run a half marathon! So achy! I have taken to wearing a maternity support belt that a friend lent me and I think it really helped. I certainly didn’t feel as sore today after last night’s activities. I also attribute not feeling as “strong” to not exercising as much during this pregnancy. I am done teaching cycling, I still go to prenatal yoga, and I try and get out and walk when it is not beastly hot (which it has been!) but that is it!

In my last post I mentioned that we had nothing ready for this new baby. Well, I am happy to say that we made some head way!

102_3294 102_3295

This is the closet in our nursery (or Hunter’s room) up until this point it was basically a catch all for anything and everything. The left side was filled with clothes Brian and I don’t wear very often (i.e. Brian’s sweater that he wore in his senior photos that he won’t let me get rid of and my scuba diving wetsuit!). I bought a free standing, covered clothing rack and we moved everything to our basement. The rest of it had a few of Hunter’s baby clothes and mostly some things we don’t use for him any more like a Boppy. I sorted through everything and divided it into things I new I would use for the new baby, things I new I wouldn’t use, and trash. Brian put up a second rod so now we have baby girl clothes on top and Hunter’s clothes on the bottom. I also bought those hanging shelves you see on the left for more storage and the other shelves were built in.

I also created closet dividers for the different size cloths using this and this pattern.


I really can’t believe I didn’t do this with Hunter’s clothes! Instead when it was time to get the next size of clothes out I went to the basement, got everything out of storage, washed it all, then had to transfer the old clothes to storage bins and figure out where to put the new ones. Now it’s all right there! I hope this will be a time saver!

I wanted to free up some space in Hunter’s dresser/changing table so we could have a his and hers side.


Baby girl clothes! And a few hand me downs from Hunter! I am mostly storing jammies, socks, and pants in the dresser right now. I also got the top left side of the dresser filled with newborn and size one diapers!


Talk about a reality check! I can hardly believe I am going to have such a tiny little being in my house again. Just look at the size difference between newborn and Hunter’s size 4 diapers!



About that mess you saw behind me in my first photo.


Ummmmm.. yeah. Plans for this space are a second “changing station.” Brian’s parents had an old dresser they weren’t using. I plan to put a second changing pad on top and store a few baby girl clothes in the dresser along with all the necessary diaper changing gear in case she needs a change while Hunter is sleeping. I also plan to store other baby toys and some of Hunter’s toys in the bottom shelves just to give us some more room in our tiny house.

Plans as of right now are to have the baby sleep in our room in a bassinet and the Pack N’ Play which I needed to order a mattress for (large Amazon box in picture!). We still need to set those up.

That’s about it! Other than putting the car seat in, packing a hospital bag, and making a plan for what to do with Hunter I think we’re ready….as ready as we’ll every be! Plus we have time…right?

As I mentioned in my Hunter update I am already feeling the “mom guilt” over how I will be able to focus on two children. I also feel bad for this little girl since we don’t get to decorate a new room for her or even have a shower for her. Second babies are just different I guess! I am trying not to let it bother me and thinking about the day when we will be able to move to a bigger home and she will be able to help me decorate it. I think that will be more fun any way!

Well, I better quit writing, I have  a little boy who doesn’t think he needs a nap! Sigh! Good thing he’s cute!



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