Hunter James: 18 Month Update

Whoa! This past month has just flown by! It is very hard to believe that I have a 1 and 1/2 year old! I remember last year being shocked that my baby was already half a year old! Sadly I was a “bad blogger mommy” and hardly took any pictures with my good camera this month but a couple with my iPod which always seems to be handy and within reach!

So, what can I tell you about my little man this month? Well, for one thing he is STILL NOT WALKING! I have chatted with my mom (a pediatric occupational therapist) as well as a few other Physical Therapists about this. All have given me some suggestions which I try to implement. I think he is strong enough. He can walk when holding on to something and loves to climb but I think he is just scared to let go! One suggestion I took was to get Hunter his first pair of shoes. They are of course, Lightening McQueen shoes! That boy still loves anything to do with vehicles and especially the movie Cars.


He LOVES his shoes! The above photo was taken after dinner when he had gotten his clothes very messy. We thought we should just let him stay in his diaper until bath time but he insisted on putting on his socks and shoes! I will definitely address the issue of not walking with his pediatrician at his appointment coming up later this month. I definitely want him walking before baby girl comes!

He may not be walking but Hunter’s verbal skills have REALLY taken off in the last month! He is able to put two and three words together to tell us what he wants. He babbles and babbles and it often times seems like gibberish BUT I have noticed that he makes similar sound each time he is babbling and he will thrown in a couple of identifiable words so I know that he knows what he’s saying even if we don’t.

  He has also started to identify the letters of the alphabet. We started showing him the letters on his wooden blocks and he just picked them up! At first I thought maybe he was just identifying the letters because of their color and location on the block but when we read to him he identifies the letters and if we wear t-shirts that have word on them he loves to point them out! For some reason his favorite letter is “U”


Lately Hunter has be “fighting” his naps. We had such a good stretch there where I could lay him down at 12:30 and he would drift off to sleep for at least 2 hours if not more. For a few weeks now at least one of the 4 days I am home with him he “fights” it meaning he is rolling, walking, and crawling around his crib, babbling and playing with his animals. Sometimes Brian or I will go in and try and rock him to settle him down and that works. Sometimes it doesn’t and after a few hours of trying we give up and he has to go to bed early. I KNOW that he STILL needs a nap because he is SO tired by 7pm. Not sure if it is because his little brain is processing so much or what. I try not to stress about it like I use to when he was little but mama needs her rest time too and I just can’t seem to relax when I know he’s not sleeping. I hope that this isn’t a lasting trend!

At the end of this month Hunter got to spend time with his cousins Alex and Zach from Michigan as well as Rosalia and Natalie from the East side of Wisconsin. This is the first time that he has spent time with them and actually recognized and remembered them. Every day since they left he asks me about them or tells me that they went “bye bye.” He also loves to look at the pictures we have hanging up of them and tells me who they are. We use to have to tell him! It’s so cute! Sadly I didn’t take one singe picture of all the cousin together! I think I’ll blame it on being pregnant!

Speaking of, I owe you a pregnancy update soon! As the days grow closer to us having two children my worries grow as well. Don’t get me wrong, I am super excited to be welcoming this little one into the world. I always wanted to have two children. I am not worried about caring for a newborn since the memory is still fresh in my mind. What I am most worried about is my precious Hunter boy! In case you couldn’t tell, he is pretty much my world. I worry about how this new sibling will affect him. I read and article that said you figure out how to balance your time between your children but part of me is just not ready to give up all the attention I bestow upon Hunter. I just wish I had a little more time with just my boy. Right now everything he does is so exciting and amazing and I am afraid I’m going to miss out on those “new” things. I certainly know that life will never be the same and I am trying my hardest to focus all my time on him and enjoy these last few months together. I know in the end it may be tough but it will all work out.

That’s all from me for now! Hope you are having a good holiday weekend!

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