Baby Sneaker 2.0: 24…er…25 week update

Hey there! Well, I had fully intended on writing this post some time last week when I was actually 24 weeks pregnant but here it is Saturday again and I am now actually 25 weeks pregnant! Time sure is flying! I even had Brian take a picture of my 24 week bump which is growing and growing!


Baby girl was the size of an ear of corn last week and just over 1lb. This week she is the size of a rutabaga and 1.5lbs!

I definitely feel like I am getting bigger faster during this pregnancy and I also think I am carrying higher this time. Not sure if this is because baby is a girl or what! I am feeling pretty good, I tend to forget I’m pregnant and then I do too much and get a little tired and my feet hurt but other than that I am good! I am REALLY craving a cup of coffee and a margarita!

Here’s my 24 week photo from last pregnancy.

Week 24 (1)

The “nesting” instinct has DEFINITELY kicked in. Now, I am someone who likes a clean if not tidy house. I’ve gotten back into a good rhythm with weekly chores, making sure the carpets are vacuumed, the kitchen swept and washed, dust is at a minimal, bathroom is clean etc. When it comes to BIG chores like moving furniture and vacuuming behind it I save for maybe once a year or if I notice something big I take care of it…eventually. I mentioned to Brian last spring that we needed to clean the windows but I definitely was not feeling up to it during the first trimester. Recently the dirty windows REALLY bothered me and I just HAD to do something about it! A few years ago we had out windows replaced and they are really nice but there are a TON of them. I remembered the last time I cleaned them it took FOREVER. So I decided I would tackle one room at a time. I started in the kitchen. Well, once I did one set of windows I realized how AWFUL the rest of the house looked , I felt like I was living in a grimy fish bowl! I tried to stick to my one room per day but today I tackled 4 and now I’m almost done. They look so much better!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how different this pregnancy is from my first one. For one thing I feel this little lady moving and kicking much more than I did with Hunter. With Hunter I mostly felt him on my right side. With our little girl I feel her a lot on my left side but also everywhere else! I don’t remember Hunter being this active at this point. She is active at night when I am sleeping or just relaxing and in the morning when I wake up. I find myself paying less attention to the info about how big she is this week or what has developed and paying more attention to her and feeling her movements inside me.

My preparations for this baby have also been different I have done VERY VERY little in the way of preparation for many reasons. One reason is I have NO IDEA where we are going to put all her “stuff” or where we are going to put her! Okay, that’s not entirely true. I don’t know what I thought was going to happen when we had our second child. That we would suddenly be rich and live in a big house?! I LOVE our little house and I love our neighborhood but the fact is we have a two bedroom house and a little boy (and a husband) who are very light sleepers. Our plan right now is to have our little girl sleep in our room until she is sleeping better and to also have a changing station outside of the nursery for when we need to change her while Hunter is sleeping. Eventually I hope we can put another crib in the nursery (or maybe Hunter will be in a toddler bed???) and the two will share a room until we can afford to move or they get to old to share a room which ever comes first! I’m still not sure where we are going to put all her clothes (because you know she’ll have a lot!!). I am trying to figure out some kind of configuration with the closet in the nursery and possibly splitting the dresser we already have into his and hers sides. The one problem we have is the closet and the dresser are FILLED with stuffy already! Some of the stuff in the closet is Brian and my dress clothes and I have NO IDEA where to put them!

So, that’s where we are at these days with baby number 2! Even though there are a lot of differences between this pregnancy and my first I still have the anticipation and excitement of waiting to meet this precious girl. I know that we are once again in for some BIG changes in our life which I have a few worries about (full post on this coming soon…hopefully) but after being a mom for 17 months I know the joy that being a mom is and I can’t wait to continue the joy with another child.


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