Hunter James 17 Month Update

Hello! Can’t believe it is almost August! Where has the summer gone? I find myself thinking back to last summer when we were still really struggling with getting Hunter to nap and sleep through the night. Things sure were different than they are now! I also find myself thinking ahead to next summer and realizing that I will have an almost 2 1/2 year old and an 8th month old! Now that is hard to imagine! For the most part I am trying to live in the here and now, enjoy my time with Hunter before his sister comes along, as well as enjoy time with Brian before we become parents of 2!

I feel like so much has happened in Hunter’s little life since the last time I wrote. For one Hunter got his first hair cut!


It is a tradition in Brian’s family that Grandpa Duane gives the boys in the family their first hair cut. Hunter did pretty well, it was just really hard to get him to hold still. After I snapped these few photos I had to hold his head still. He was getting a few cute little curls in the back but the front was hanging in his eyes and he had funny little “wings” on the sides so it was time for a little trim!

I mentioned in my last Baby Sneaker 2.0 post that we celebrated a quiet 4th of July. Hunter sure did love his first taste of red white and blue waffles!


The weather also heated up nicely so that Hunter could play outside with his cool water table that Aunt Julie and Grandma and Grandpa Johnson got him for his birthday.


He loves it! The kiddie pool that Julie lent us he’s not such a fan of. I set him in there on one particularly hot day and he pretty much said, “All done!”


We had a nice visit from Brian’s Aunt Marilyn and cousin Barb one afternoon. Hunter thought Barb was pretty funny!


At the end of July we went on our annual trip to St. Paul to visit our friends the Gardner’s. We started out our journey with a cook out and a baseball game in Miesville.


(Yes my son is wearing shorts I guess they were just really short!) Hunter and I didn’t stay for the game as it would have been WAY to late for him The next day Hunter and I walked around Lake Phalen while Shannon ran around it and the guys went trout fishing (not in Lake Phalen).


We also visited the St. Paul Farmer’s market and later that evening had another cookout at the Gardner’s house.

On Sunday we stopped by the fire station where Brian’s friend Todd was working so Hunter could see a really fire truck (or Wheee Ooooooo as he likes to call them).


He absolutely loved it!

Hunter is STILL not walking yet. This makes things somewhat challenging as he doesn’t want to be held and wants to explore by crawling but we aren’t always in a place where I feel comfortable letting him crawl. He has been standing up and cruising more and he actually asks to walk behind his big truck rather than us suggesting it and putting him behind it.


Such a funny guy!


I’m not too worried about the walking yet. My mom said I didn’t walk until I was 18 months old. On the other hand I feel like his language skills just keep growing and growing. He tries to imitate everything we say. His new favorite word is zucchini. He can’t quiet say it but he thinks it’s hilarious when we say it and then he tries to make some type of sound like it and he thinks that is even funnier. The cutest things he says is , “Hep, pease” which means help please. You can certainly see that his little brain is like a sponge soaking everything in!

Hunter is always surprising us with the funny things he likes to do. For instance the other day we were playing outside and he crawled over to this weed in our sidewalk. He just thought it was the most fascinating thing and kept playing with it and pulling up all the grass around it.



Another funny thing Hunter has done is when ever I have the morning news on, which undoubtly is featuring Kate Middleton and the new prince Hunter points to an image of Kate and says, “Mama!” I’m not sure if he thinks I look like Kate (thanks Hunter!) or if he is associating her holding a baby with me since we read our book about the new baby everyday and I tell him that the woman in the picture holding the new baby is “mama.”

Such a funny little man and such a joy to have in our lives. I look forward to every day waking up with him and seeing what he’ll do that day! Here’s to another great month!


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