Baby Sneaker 2.0 Update: 20 Weeks

Hi there! Happy 4th of July to you! We are having a pretty low-key day. We had a tasty breakfast of red white and blue waffles at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson’ s house.


Then Brian, Hunter, Izzy and I went for a walk through the Marsh. Now we are relaxing while Hunter naps!

I am now 20 weeks pregnant with Baby Sneaker 2.0 half way there already! This pregnancy sure seems to be going fast!


Sometimes I feel like I look HUGE already but today not so much! Here’s is my 20 week photo from when I was pregnant with Hunter.

Week 20 (2)

I visit my doctor last week and all is well! According to her I’ve only gained 6lbs. (according my scale at home I’ve gained 10lbs. but lets just go with the doctor’s scale Smile).  As I’ve mentioned before I was concerned about gaining too much weight with this baby as I was not back to healthy weight when I got pregnant. So far it hasn’t been that hard. I really haven’t been that hungry and have actually been craving healthy food! The few times I have indulged in higher fat food (like pizza) I have felt terrible so maybe that has something to do with it! Instead of ice cream I’ve been craving cold fruity things like popsicles which have a lot less calories and fat! As far as exercise goes I definitely have NOT been exercising like I did when I was pregnant with Hunter. During my last pregnancy I was teaching a TON of classes at the Y plus whatever else I did. Sometimes I can’t believe I use to exercise so much. I definitely don’t have the time or energy for that these days. Chasing a toddler around (even though he’s not walking yet) is plenty of activity. I also continue to teach my cycling class at the Y once a week and attend my favorite Wednesday noon yoga class. In addition to that I signed up for a prenatal yoga class at a local studio in town. I have NEVER taken a class at private studio before. Tammy Z’s has been in our town for a long time. I’ve met Tammy several times since she also coordinates the Zumba certifications that have taken place here as well. I LOVE her prenatal class. She is such a pro and just has an air of calmness about her. Since the weather has been pretty nice we also try to get in a lot of walks our favorite being an hour long one through the Marsh trails!

On Monday we had our ultrasound, probably the best part of pregnancy! I just love seeing the baby that is growing inside of me!


Compared to the ultrasound I had with Hunter I could see and identify a lot more of the anatomy. I think Hunter always had his back turned towards us. But this baby let us see so much more, like legs, arms, fingers and toes. Best part of all is we found out that we are having……a GIRL!!! I had a feeling that we were having a girl! Of course we would have been happy either way but I am thrilled to be having a daughter. Coming from a family with a boy and a girl I just think it’s nice to have one of each! Plus I LOVE baby girl clothes too! Of course the “name game” has begun and my list of names I like grows longer and longer! For some reason it seems harder to pick out a girl name than a boy name!

Other than that not much news to report. The second trimester is definitely the best. I do have more energy and do feel more “normal.”  Plus I am not so big that I am uncomfortable. I did have my old back injury flair up again which was pretty painful and annoying since I have to carry a 23lb toddler around but other than that I have felt great!

I am already looking forward to meeting my little girl and giving Hunter a baby sister! So excited!


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