Hunter James: 16 Months

Another great month watching our boy grow an change!


Hunter is such a joy to watch any play with. He is pretty easily entertained by the simplest things. Some of his favorite things to do are puzzles.


He’s actually pretty good at them too! Those are puzzles that I use to play with when I was little. He also loves to take everything out of their drawers and strew them around the room!


He loves to play peek-a-boo especially with Daddy and his car blanket.


And of course he still loves his trucks and cars or really anything with wheels on it! Books also continue to be a favorite thing to read every day.

He’s still not walking on his own but he does like to push his big truck from Grandpa Bob around. Unfortunately our house is so small that we are constantly having to turn him around from running into a wall or piece of furniture.

IMG_0370 IMG_0368

Eating continues to be an ever evolving adventure. If possible I try and feed him whatever we are having. The other night he really enjoyed our spaghetti and meatballs but only the pasta. Then the next day when I served the leftovers to him for lunch he only liked the meat!


Sometimes he eats a TON other times not so much. Favorite foods continue to be fruit and cheese!

He’s still talking up a blue streak. I couldn’t even tell you how many words he knows (or versions of words). One time he even put two words together saying, “Mo blues” which meant he wanted more blue berries.

We tell Hunter that he is going to be a big brother. We are not sure if he understands this but when ever we tell him there is a baby in mommy’s tummy he hugs and kisses my tummy. So cute!


We managed to get through the month without any major illnesses. Yay! Hunter did have a fever for two days which we believe was a reaction to one of the vaccinations he received at his 15 month check up. He felt so miserable that he took a two hour nap in my arms, something he hasn’t done in a long time! I have to admit, I kind of liked it!


Just like the old days!

We sure have come a long way since last year at this time, especially in the area of sleep (except for right now when he is suppose to be napping and he’s not!). Sometimes I can’t believe that we can get Hunter ready for bed, lay him down wide awake and he’ll fall asleep and stay asleep for the night. He still has his moments but for the most part we’ve come a loooooong way. We are all definitely happier and more well rested!


I cherish being a mom every day and am trying to soak in the time I have with just Hunter before baby #2 arrives! Pregnancy update coming soon!

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