Baby Sneaker 2.0 The First Trimester & 16 Weeks

Wow! Pretty exciting news I shared yesterday on the blog! Thanks for all the well wishes and congratulations, especially on Facebook. Since I am not blogging as much as I was when I got pregnant with Hunter it wasn’t as hard not to mention anything here but it sure was hard to keep it a secret on Facebook! We actually did the traditional thing and didn’t tell ANYONE I was pregnant until after the first trimester and hearing the heartbeat. I am not sure why we decided to do it that way, maybe because we were still getting use to the idea of expanding our family ourselves. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me back up a bit.

I actually didn’t take/get a positive pregnancy test until I was already 8 weeks along, so almost done with the first trimester. Shortly after Hunter’s 1st Birthday (which is about the time we are pretty certain I got pregnant). I stopped pumping at work and instead used my lunch hour to go work out. I also started really watching what I ate and the pounds just seemed to fly off (little did I know it was because I was pregnant). My monthly cycles had started up when Hunter was 9 months old but they were very different/irregular from my cycles before pregnancy. I just dealt with it and chalked it up to still breastfeeding but also somewhat weaning (a full post to come soon on this topic). So, when my monthly “friend” didn’t show up “on time” I didn’t think too much of it. I did take a pregnancy test but it was negative so I went about my merry way drinking margaritas and eating sushi (ok so I didn’t really eat sushi during that time but I may have had a few adult beverages). When another month went by I decided to take another test and just like with my first pregnancy that positive plus sign appeared instantly. Yep! Definitely pregnant! (sorry Baby Sneaker 2.0, I didn’t take a picture of the “pee stick” this time, it seems funny to me now that I think about it).

To be quite honest I was pretty shocked. I really didn’t think I was pregnant. I virtually had no symptoms (much like my first pregnancy duh!) and with all the illnesses that had been plaguing our household any symptoms I did have I just chalked up to being sick. After I got that positive pregnancy test things started to make more sense. I was EXTREMELY tired during day which I thought was just because I was up with a sick baby or not feeling well myself. Fatigue has been one of my most persistent symptoms. I asked Brian if I was this tired the first time around and he said “yes.” The one BIG difference was that I didn’t have a 15 month old to chase around. And during the first trimester last time things were a lot quieter at my job. I remember literally coming home from work, eating dinner, and laying on the couch watching syndicated episodes of The Office on TBS and going to bed at 8:30pm! Not this time around! Most nights I had to get that little guy to bed (hopefully by 7:30!) or go back to work until 9:00pm for some event. It was pretty rough for awhile. Other than that and a few nights of insomnia things weren’t too bad. I was a little queasy here and there but no real morning sickness of which I am very grateful for!

Another difference between this pregnancy and my first is my health care. About halfway through my first pregnancy our health insurance switched and our preferred provider was actually a different clinic/hospital in town. We were still covered at the old one but had to pay A LOT more for our care. We decided to stick with it through my pregnancy because that is where I felt comfortable. Once Hunter was born we switched since we knew that babies go to the doctor a lot and we wanted to be covered. I established care with a resident doctor at the Family Health Clinic. All of the doctors there are essentially still in training and work under an attending (think Grey’s Anatomy only not with surgeons just general practitioners). I had only seen my doctor once for something minor but I did like her. When I went in for my first appointment, which was just meeting with a nurse for maternity counseling, I told her how I had seen midwives at the other clinic and wasn’t sure if I should stick with my current doctor. The nurse said I was more than welcome to meet with the midwives at this clinic but just like at my previous clinic there are several midwives and you never know which one will be on call when you deliver.  She told me it would be about 95% that my doctor would be the one to deliver my baby. I was almost sold at that point but I wanted to wait until my first appointment before deciding. Well, that first appointment went splendidly! I REALLY like how my doctor handles things. I went in at 10 weeks and wasn’t expecting to hear a heart beat since it was so early. She tried, but couldn’t find it but then called in her attending who DID find it! The attending (who was a sweet older woman) said, “I just think it’s so nice to hear that little heart beat don’t you?” I was sold! My doctor also told me that one of the nice things about having her deliver is that is I want a intervention free delivery she has no problem with that but if I need or want some medical intervention she is able to do it because she is a doctor. So, yes I really like her and I am very pleased with my care thus far! She also said she doesn’t like to induce labor unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY which I appreciated. I was pretty sure those midwives would have done it if I had gone a few more days!

One other difference I am experience is the growth of “the bump” this time around. I had heard that most women start showing earlier the second time around. At first I didn’t feel like this was going to be true for me but then all of the sudden all I can see when I look down is this little bump! I am not sure if anyone else can tell but I can. Here are some comparison photos for you.

Me, 16 weeks during my first pregnancy on the right and 16 weeks today on the left!

16 Weeks 4  102_3170

Please excuse the wet hair I was waiting for Hunter to wake up from a nap before running the hair dryer, not sure why my stomach is blurry either, blame Brian!

So yeah, definitely look different! I feel like the top of my stomach is growing faster this time where as last time I got big from the bottom up. I attribute this to my core not being as strong and my uterus pushing my core muscles out OR MAYBE I’m just carrying differently (could it be girl?).  However, I have only gained about 4lbs so far where last time at this point I had gained 10!! I am really trying to watch my weight gain since a. I was NOT back to healthy weight when I got pregnant, and b. I gained OVER The amount of weight I was suppose to during my last pregnancy. I guess in the end it really didn’t make a difference, I had healthy baby and delivery but I am not in the same shape I was either. I just want to do what’s best for me and the baby.

Oh! I could write so much more but this post is getting long enough! Sadly, I don’t think I will be doing weekly posts this time around. I will be sure to check in with pregnancy as well as Hunter updates but I have to realize that my life is VERY different from the last time I was pregnant. This pregnancy is no less exciting or important it’s just different. I have to focus on the little one I already have too!

Thanks for reading and sharing in this next adventure in my life! More to come for sure!

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2 responses to “Baby Sneaker 2.0 The First Trimester & 16 Weeks

  1. Holy cow — teach me to miss a few days of reading blogs!

    AMAZING news…so excited for you!

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