Hunter James: 15 Month Update

Wow! Another month come and gone! I feel like it has been a long time since I have written anything and SOOOOOOO much has happened since I last gave a Hunter update!

Unfortunately the illnesses that have plagued us since February continue on! As an after affect of Hunter’s last cold he got an ear infection AND pink eye! He was put on antibiotics which knocked those infections right out of him. He seemed fine and healthy for awhile but now he has a minor cold again. Brian was REALLY sick for awhile there too. He was diagnosed with a sinus infection and given antibiotics but all of us still seem to be hanging on to some annoying cold symptoms. Not sure if it really is a cold or allergies! So annoying!

On the plus side the weather did eventually warm up and we have been able to get outside a lot more frequently!

Out for a walk through the Marsh!


As you can tell it is still a little cold here since we are all bundled up but we just had to get out and enjoy the sunshine that day!

We have also been enjoying taking Hunter to the great little park down the street from us.


Loving the swing!


Daddy helping Hunter down the slide!


Mommy and Hunter on the big slide! I think Hunter will REALLY enjoy this park once he gets a little older and starts running around.

Hunter also likes to play in out backyard with the fun outdoor toy he got for his birthday!


Hunter STILL is not walking. But according to my Mom (who is a pediatric O.T.) that is just fine. He has been pulling up to standing a lot more frequently and doing some minor cruising. He loves pulling himself up on the tub and watching his bath toys floating in the water.


Hunter has also discovered a new favorite place to play!


Why yes! He is in Izzy’s kennel! One day he discovered our back porch and decided that the kennel was the perfect place to hang out. I don’t let him go back there very often since it is probably the dirtiest place in our house but every once in awhile I don’t catch him fast enough and that is right where he goes. Even when Izzy is in there!


Izzy is so tolerant!

As the start of summer approaches it is usually the time for road trips and visitors! We already went on one road trip, just a day trip, to visit Brian’s brother and family to celebrate our niece’s First Communion!


Hunter still does not do so well in the car. Definitely better than last summer! He just doesn’t like to sleep in the car! The First Communion was right during nap time so we figured he’d sleep all the way home. He did dose off but woke up every 30 minutes crying! He did this about three times! Other than that he stayed pretty entertained as long as I sat in the back with him and handed toys and books.

We also had some special visitors from Alaska come to town!



Brian’s friend Bob and his family came to town sadly, because his grandma died. It has still been nice to see them these past few weeks. His daughter’s adore Hunter (as if you couldn’t tell).

Well, I guess that’s about it for this month. Oh yeah! Except for one more important new development in Hunter’s life….


Yep! That’s right! Hunter is going to be a big brother in November!!!! Pretty exciting news huh? We’ve actually known about this for a long time but were just waiting to tell a few people in person before we put anything online. It is going to be one crazy adventure that is for sure! More thoughts on Baby Sneaker 2.0 to come!

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One response to “Hunter James: 15 Month Update

  1. So exciting, congratulations on baby 2 news! It’s so crazy how fast time is flying by. As a reader, it is hard to believe Hunter is already 15 months, but then again, my puppy is too :-). I’d like to freeze time for a bit.

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