Hunter James: 13 AND 14 Months

Hey there! I figured since Hunter will be 14 months in just a few days I might as well do a double post of all the things that have been going on with my growing boy! As I mentioned before my posting will be some what sporadic for now as I hope to enjoy and live life rather than write about it. I feel that soon after I posted my last update our house was hit with a plague of illnesses that JUST. DOES. NOT. SEEM. TO. END! I’m blaming it on the late spring we are having and the fact that we can’t open the windows and “blow the stink” out of the house. First Hunter got a BAD tummy bug. Then we spent a Sunday afternoon in urgent care because he had a fever that would not go down and kept going up. This turned out to be nothing major just the start of another illness, a bad cold. Of course whatever Hunter gets Brian and I get. So, in addition to being sleep deprived (because a sick baby does not sleep well) we both feel miserable and it sure it tough to get better when you aren’t getting enough sleep. Hopefully this plague will end soon.

Now on to fun stuff! These past two months Hunter’s language has REALLY developed! He says several words (or versions of these words) truck, cheese, fish, giraffe, duck, whale, and I am sure more. He also signs “help” “please” and “all done”.” He also can imitate the sounds of a TON of animals. So far he does: cow, dog, cat, duck, rooster, bear, tiger, lion, monkey, frog, horse, turkey and my favorite squirrel (Brian taught him most of these). It is so cute!  He still LOVES to read books but really only likes books that have animals in them so he can make the sounds. When I come home from work I usually find Hunter and daddy engrossed in a marathon reading session.


When our friend Gardner came to visit Hunter even convinced him to get in on the reading action.


How can you say “no” to that face! This is a very different picture from last year when Gardner came to visit.


Why was Gardner visiting might you ask? Well, it’s is the season of Gardner after all but this particular weekend it was turkey hunting. Brian got to share the victory of getting a turkey with Hunter too!


Again, very different from last year!


Hunter doesn’t seem to have much interest in walking. He doesn’t even really pull himself up that often. We encourage him to do so by putting his toys on the the love seat. We usually have to help him to stand up and he will stand for some time playing with his toys. We also hold his hands and walk with him. Sometimes he thinks it’s funny and laughs but other times he gets kind of mad. I think he wonders what we are trying to do to him because he thinks he can get around just fine on his hands in knees. He didn’t seem that interested in crawling until one day he did so I guess I am not that worried. His pediatrician is not worried either. She said he is working on more verbal and cogitative skills right now. Boy is that the truth! It amazes me how much he understands and how quickly he learns things. I love watching him play because you can just see the little wheels turning in his brain, soaking it all in.

One MAJOR change in Hunter these past two months is sleep. We transitioned to one nap a day shortly after he turned one. It wasn’t that tough of a transition and it really helped that daylight savings happened around that time too. At first  I worried and  thought Hunter needed more sleep but I soon got over that. One nap a day is very nice! You can get more done in the morning (like maybe even go work out without having to rush back for a morning nap!) and Hunter doesn’t fight his nap like he use to. He takes AT LEAST a 1 hour nap if not longer (closer to 90 minutes on average when he is home with me usually 2 hours (plus!) when he is at daycare. I still struggle with him getting up too early which besides being annoying (especially on the weekend!) kind of throws him off for the day. Night time sleep has just been ok lately but I am hoping that is just due to the illnesses.

Hunter is slowly moving away from eating anything resembling baby food. He doesn’t even like it when I feed him yogurt or cottage cheese. He much rather feed himself. I try to give him a little bit of what we are eating for meals and sometimes he likes it sometimes he doesn’t. He still really loves cheese, most fruits, peanut butter on a bagel, green beans, broccoli cheddar bites and sweet potatoes. Everything else is hit or miss!

Well I guess that is it for this update. I barely took any pictures this month! Here is one we tried to get of all of us at Easter and one with him and his cousins!



Until next time!


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