Hunter James 12 Month Update AND 1st Birthday Party!

Holy cats! I am so slow in getting this posted! I started it a few weeks ago and then just got busy with life as a mom of a 1 year old. I figured I better get it finished before Hunter turns 13 months this coming weekend!!!

Well! There seemed to be so much anticipation leading up to Hunter’s big day that when it was all said and done I took my sweet time getting around to writing this update. I know that some people make a big deal about a baby’s first birthday and yes I agree it is kind of a big deal the reality is it’s more of an “event” for the people celebrating it than actual baby who is being honored! I wanted to commemorate this day in a special way but I also did not feel the need to go over the top with a BIG party.

My in-laws graciously offered to host the party at their house and we were lucky enough that Hunter’s birthday fell on a weekend so we were able to celebrate on his actual birthday. We invited a small number of guests, mostly family, and close friends. Our theme for the party was froggies since one of Hunter’s favorite toys are his bath froggies. I ordered Hunter an adorable first birthday shirt just for the occasion.


I just wish I would have gotten a better picture of him in it! It says, “Hoppy 1st Birthday!”

We served a simple lunch and of course some of Hunter’s favorite foods, broccoli cheddar bites, and sweet potato fries.

My sister-in law, who owns her own bakery, made the adorable cake.


The only decoration we had was one that I am very proud of because I made it myself! Now, I am not a very crafty person but when I saw that one of my favorite bloggers made  this cute banner I knew I wanted to try and do it myself. I actually found a FREE template for the triangles here.  I printed out a TON of pictures. Probably the hardest part of this project was deciding which pictures to use and making sure I had a good smattering from the early days of Hunter’s life to now. Other than that it was pretty easy! Here is the end result.


So cute and fun! We currently have the banner hanging between our dining room and living room.  Hunter had fun opening his presents, and hanging out with his cousins, grandmas and grandpas, aunt and uncle and his buddy Henry.




Henry is observing Hunter as he opens his presents. His birthday was just two weeks later!


That Grandma Charlene sure knows how to find his tickle spot!

When it came time to blow out his candle Hunter was pretty excited.


But he wasn’t a big fan of eating the cake. I guess it was just more fun to play with!


True to form, Hunter refused to take a nap before his party so he was pretty tired after all was said and done. We tried to get a good family shot but I think too many people taking a picture at the same time since none of us are all looking at the camera in any photo.


But my dad did get this adorable shot of my and my one year old baby!


No post can describe the joy this little guy brings to my heart every day!

Probably the biggest change during Hunter’s 12th month was mobility! He stopped army crawling and REALLY took off on those hands and knees. If Brian or I try to leave the room he comes tearing after of us.

Brian was excited because Hunter was finally awake when he came home from ice fishing with a nice fresh catch of fish. He tried to recreate a photo he has of him and his grandpa.


When I took Hunter to his 1 year doctor’s appointment he weighed 21lbs. 4oz and measured 2ft. 6in. That’s a long way from 8.1lbs and 20.75 inches.

I am so grateful each day that God has allowed me to be Hunter’s Mom. I hope to continue these updates as he grows up. It helps me too look for the extraordinary in each day and to remember all the joys and challenges of being a parent.  I also hope to get back to writing about fitness and healthy eating only this time from the perspective of a mom. For the most part though I want to live life rather than write about so if my posts are a little few and far between oh well! I busy enjoying this guy!



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