Hunter James 10 Month Update

I swear it’s taken me a week to get this post up! What with being sick myself and taking care of a sick baby who wouldn’t nap things just got delayed!

I am sure I say this every month but can time PLEASE just SLOW DOWN a little bit?! I feel like before I know it I’ll be sending Hunter off to college! I am sure this month went even faster because of the business of the Holiday season. For the first time in a long time I found myself getting more into the Christmas spirit.

For the first time, in a couple of years we actually went to cut down a Christmas Tree!


It was so fun and pretty to have in the house during these dark days of Winter and Hunter LOVED the lights!


As you might be able to see from the above picture Hunter got his two front teeth! Here’s a little better picture!


I seriously sat on the floor taking TONS of pictures of him before getting this one! So cute! We thing the next top two will soon be on there way!

Another Christmas tradition Hunter got to experience was making Lefse and Christmas Cookies with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson.


Well, he watched and played with grandma while mom and dad helped. He really loved the Lefse sticks!

Hunter also experienced his first snowfall!


Unfortunately he wasn’t a big fan of being all bundled up. He could barely move!


Unfortunately, Hunter’s stranger anxiety really kicked in this month. The day before Christmas Eve Hunter was really having an “off” day. My friend Marianne and I planned to meet up and take Hunter to the Mall to see Santa. Bad idea!

Santa 2

My usually happy go lucky guy was all tears that day! He wouldn’t even allow me to push him in his stroller through the mall, I had to carry him the whole time! He was still pretty emotional that evening when I took him to my brother’s house for a pre-Christmas celebration. Fortunately he perked up for Christmas Eve.

We started our official Christmas celebration with the 5pm Family Mass at Church. To be honest I was a little distracted by how cute Hunter was interacting with his buddy Henry who just happened to sit by us.


Remember how little they were the first time they hung out? After Mass it was home for a quick supper and then to bed for our little man.

It was really nice to spend Christmas morning in our house with just our family. We opened the presents we got for each other and some extra special ones our friends gave Hunter.


Hunter also watched a Christmas classic with his Daddy, A Christmas Story, while I made breakfast!


After Hunter’s morning nap we spent Christmas day with my family. Hunter still has a great love for trucks and Grandpa Bob picked out the PERFECT present for him!


A BIG truck! This toy is pretty cool! When he starts walking he can push it from behind and when he is even bigger he can ride on it. For now he is content just to roll it back and forth and press the fun buttons that make noise.  Hunter isn’t fully crawling yet (with his tummy off the ground) but when we put him down on his back he immediately rolls and army crawls towards the truck!


Our Christmas festivities didn’t end there! Brian’s family rolled into town the day after Christmas! It was the first time since this summer that Hunter got to be with all his cousins!


He had such fun playing with all of them! So much fun that he took some MEGA naps back at our house during their visit. I wasn’t about to try to get him to nap at Grandma and Grandpa’s house with all that excitement going on! There always seemed to be someone to play with and make him laugh!


Brian’s cousin Barb sure made him laugh!

Of course there were more fun presents to open!


It was so much fun to experience our first Christmas with Hunter. I know he won’t remember any of it but I found myself trying to hold on an cherish these very special first memories!

Eating solid foods continues to go well. Hunter is starting to eat more “chunky” food and less purees and he enjoys feeding himself when possible. I find myself getting in a rut and feeding him the same things over and over again. I just need to get more creative!

Sleep has been all over the place lately. Before Christmas Hunter was having trouble sleeping through the night. Not sure if it was teeth or a sleep regression or what. The Holidays really messed with his schedule and there several late nights and missed naps. Other times he slept like a champ, probably because he was so exhausted. After Christmas an illness swept through the house so sleep  was disrupted once again. I guess the one thing you can count on with babies is you can’t count on anything!

Not sure how much he weighs these days but he is growing an changing into a toddler before my eyes!


As I mentioned before he is not fully crawling, just rolling and army crawling. He can stand for a few seconds while holding on to something but is not pulling up yet. He’s so close and he wants to be mobile so badly. I know that once he is, we are in for some trouble. I  think he is just sitting and observing his surroundings figuring out all the stuff he can get into once he is mobile!


Becoming a mom was definitely the highlight of 2012 for me! I love him more and more each day!



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