Hunter James 9 Month Update

Whew! Another month has just flown right by us! I thought I better get a post up before Hunter turns 10 months (on Christmas Eve!).  I think every day being Hunter’s mom is more fun than the next. Every month he seems to learn something new or do something super cute! When I get him down for the night and survey my often messy house I have so much happiness in my heart! I also feel that every morning when I get Hunter out of bed that he has grown over night! He is getting SO BIG!


Trying to get a picture with him and his elephant is not easy these days!

102_2622  102_2624

At his 9 month check up he weighed in at 18lbs 3oz and was 2 feet 4 inches long! I felt like it took him awhile to fit into 6-9 month clothes but he is DEFINITELY ready to move into 12 month clothes!

Hunter’s personality is developing more and more each day. It is amazing to me that he already has likes and dislikes and he can understand what we are saying. I like to think we are raising a very well rounded boy. His favorite toys to play with are trucks and baby dolls.


He sits for long periods of times rolling his trucks back and forth. He even makes a little vrrrroooommm sound! It is too funny! I don’t know how he knows that is what he is suppose to do!

102_2626  102_2627

He may be your typical boy loving his trucks but he also likes baby dolls! I discovered this when I dropped Hunter off at daycare. He saw one of Lilly’s dolls and got SUPER excited. That night when we got home I got out the baby doll we used to get Izzy use to the idea of a baby in the house and he went crazy for it! He loves to pat the baby’s head and when we ask him if he can kiss the baby he does it! It is too cute!



Hunter also really loves books!


We read every night before bed and also before nap times as a way to quite down. He loves to turn the pages, open the flaps on some books, and feel the different textures on the touch and feel books.

Speaking of sleep, things have been going really well in that department (hope I didn’t just jinx myself!) and dare I say we might finally be falling into a predictable schedule? Hunter usually goes to bed by 7pm and sleeps through the night ( I still dream feed him before I go to bed, not really sure when, if, or how I should drop this), waking up between 6am and 7am. He also takes two naps a day usually in the morning starting between 9am and 10am and an afternoon nap starting between 2pm and 3pm. I would say 95% of the time he falls asleep on his own at bedtime. Naps are another story. He seems to fall asleep and nap for an hour or more just fine when he is at daycare but home is a different story! I will watch him and he seems to get tired, yawning, rubbing eyes, quiet, maybe fussy. So I get his room ready change his diaper, maybe read a book, snuggle him and put him in his crib. Then he seems to spring to life! He rolls all over the crib laughing, talking, squealing! I let him try to put himself to sleep for 15-30 minutes but 9 times out of 10 I have to rock him to sleep and then he only sleeps for 45 minutes! It is kind of frustrating! I’ve tried putting him down earlier and later but nothing seems to help. His doctor said I should keep doing what I’m doing and try to let him fall asleep on his own. Oh well! Something to keep working on! All I know is that well rested baby is a happy baby (and momma too!).

Feeding also continues to go well. Hunter is eating more chunky food and even feeding himself! I really get a kick out of him eating! I would say his favorite foods are banana and avocado (mashed together) and sweet potatoes!  It has been so much fun trying new foods and being able to offer him food from my own plate. He has two bottom teeth and is working on getting his top two teeth so he can chew chew chew!

He is not crawling yet but he finds his own way to be mobile. He rolls, or scoots himself backwards or in a circle. He is so close to crawling and tries so hard! I keep thinking it will be any day now!



(Blurry because he’s bouncing up and down)


Hunter is VERY social with other babies! I  am sure this comes from all the play time he gets with Lily at daycare! When ever he sees other babies or even kids in general he gets super excited and doesn’t want to stay in my arms. He had so much fun playing with his cousins at Thanksgiving. He is a little hesitant with other adults, especially men without beards (weird I know!).

I didn’t know it was possible buy my love for my little boy just keeps growing and growing every day. I love to watch him explore his world and continue to grow into the little person he will one day become. I am really looking forward to watching him experience his first Christmas and before you know it it will be his first birthday (gasp!).


That’s all for now! I hope to update more frequently with all our Christmas adventures!

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