Hunter’s First Halloween

This is a year of firsts! To me Halloween always seems to kick off the Holiday season so I was excited to celebrate our first Halloween with Hunter. To be honest I personally don’t really get into Halloween. I don’t like scary movies, I couldn’t tell you the last time I wore a costume, and I think one year we even decided to go out to dinner on Halloween to avoid the Trick or Treaters. BUT one thing I do love is seeing cute little kids in their costumes. Growing up I know I always put a lot of thought into what I wanted to be for Halloween and my mom always helped me get a costume together. I don’t think we had one store bought costume growing up. We just got creative with what we had and bought a few accessories here and there. Now that I have my own little one I just couldn’t wait to be creative and dress him up too! While I was on maternity leave and waiting for Hunter to be born (since he was 10 days late!), I picked up my knitting needles and made him a Yoda hat! I had good intentions of knitting him a Yoda robe to go along with it but that just didn’t happen! So we improvised with a brown hoodie and pants. I think he looked pretty cute!


We didn’t take him trick or treating seeing as he is too little for candy. We did stop by one of Brian’s friend’s houses to see their creative Halloween decorations. Can you guess their theme?


It was Men In Black! Brian’s friend and his son dressed up like Agent K and Agent J and his wife and other two children dressed up as aliens! They were so cute! They also built and AWESOME and elaborate spaceship. Hunter even got to sit in it!


He wasn’t too sure about the aliens though!


I look forward to stopping by this house in years to come to see what other creative themes they come up with!

And of course we carved pumpkins! I loved doing this as a kid and still do love it. Our two pumpkins featured baby feet and baby hands to signify “Baby’s First Halloween” and we made our Jack O’ Lantern to look like Hunter with is one little front tooth!



All lit up!

102_2546         102_2547

I got the boy to bed early (well, it was later than he should have gone to bed!) and Brian sat outside to hand out candy (so the dog wouldn’t bark). And that was it for our first Halloween as a family of three! I am looking forward to some other first holidays this year and many more fun Halloweens to come!


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