Hunter James 8 Month Update

Well, another month has just flown by. I had such good intentions of updating this blog more often but it just didn’t happen. I can’t believe how much my concept of time has changed since becoming a mom. Time seems to be going so fast and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. I work at the church three days a week, this is when Hunter goes to daycare. Brian picks him up and by the time I get home there are only a couple of hours before Hunter has to go to bed. In that short amount of time I have to feed Hunter, sometimes bathe him, then get him ready for bed. After he goes to sleep I try to do some preparations for the next day whether that be packing lunches, making sure I have my work bag and Hunter’s daycare bag ready or prepping dinner for us or baby food for Hunter. Once all that is taken care, if I don’t have to go back to work, I just want to veg out! Needless to say my house is not even close to as clean and tidy as it once was and blogging has definitely been put on the back burner! But it is totally 100% worth it! I usually go to bed with a smile on my face and joy in my heart I LOVE being a mom!  Fortunately for me I have a great husband who pitches in and does a lot of the cooking and dinner clean up. But enough about me! On to my sweet little boy.

I swear sometimes I get Hunter up for the day and it seems like he has grown over night! I have no idea how much he ways but he  moved in to 6-9 months clothing shortly after turning 7 months.


Was he really once the same size as that elephant??

He continues to LOVE to eat real food. I don’t think there is anything we have given him that he doesn’t like. I’ve tried getting him to feed himself but he just plays with the food I set on the tray. He also still prefers a smooth puree. I’ve started experimenting with adding some spices to his food to add a little flavor. I still nurse him (or he gets a pumped bottle at day care) 5-6 times in a 24 hours period, but he is now eating three meals a day!


Since learning to sit up Hunter has been enjoying bath time a lot more. He loves playing with his froggy bath toys. They blow bubbles, spit water at him, and give him kisses. He also really likes to watch water pour out of the cup.

102_2501 102_2502

102_2504 102_2506

He hasn’t started crawling yet. When we put him on his belly, if he doesn’t flip over on his back right away, he usually flaps his arms and kicks his legs. I can tell he kind of knows what to do he just has put is all together.


Instead of working on crawling he’s been working on talking. He frequently babbles on and on and he also has discovered that he can screech and scream. When I put him down for his nap he talks and talks and squeals and screams before he finally passes out. Who knows who he’s talking to in there!


Speaking of sleep things continue to improve in that area. I think what has really improved is my attitude. I have just come to accept that I don’t have a baby who fits “the norm” when it comes to sleep and that is perfectly fine. For the most part he goes to bed fairly easily and sleeps 11-12 hours waking up once to eat. I also try to dream feed him (keeping baby asleep or rousing him just enough to  feed him) before I go to bed. Sometimes he surprises us and gives us a looooong stretch of sleep or even sleeps through the night. When that happens it is AWESOME! What is most challenging with night sleep is when he wakes up too early. It kind of throws the whole day off because by the time we have to leave the house for day care he is ready for a nap but we have to leave so he gets over tired. Naps are still pretty iffy. I try really hard to put him down before he gets overtired, especially if I am home with him but he often times has a hard time falling asleep on his own for naps and they are still pretty short (30-45 minutes). Again, sometimes he surprises us with a 90 minute nap and the other day he napped for 2 hours at daycare! I usually have to put him to bed really early (which results in an early wake up) because his naps are so short. Of course there are bad nights/days too due to illness, teething, or who knows what! We just take it day by day, night by night. It is sooooo much better than it was 3 months ago! I love seeing Hunter totally crashed out on the video monitor. I’m so happy that he can fall asleep on his own!

One final exciting development this month was that Hunter’s first tooth (teeth?) started poking through on the bottom! They are so cute! I feel like he has been teething since he was three months old (drooling, chewing, crying etc.) so it was exciting to finally see a tooth!


I am really looking forward to celebrating Hunter’s first holiday season! Last week we took him to a pumpkin patch and carved pumpkins. He wasn’t too interested in the pumpkins and preferred playing with the newspaper we had set down on our table!



The jack o’ lantern is suppose to look like Hunter and how do you like those baby hands and feet? You’ll just have to wait to see him in his Halloween costume!

Every time I write these updates I think about how words really can’t describe how much I love being a mom and how much I love my little boy. I just love watching him explore and discover new things. Every day brings something fun and new. My first favorite part of my day is when I go to get Hunter out of his crib in the morning he just smiles and laughs and gives me a big kiss. My second favorite part of my day is when I come home from work and see my boys! And my final favorite part of my day is when I nurse Hunter before bed and snuggle him in my arms. Sure there are still challenges and frustrations. But everyday I feel blessed that this little man is in my life.  He fills my heart with such joy! I can’t wait to see what happens each and every day!


Good morning mama!


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