Hunter James 6 Month Update

It seems as humans that we mark time in such predictable ways and mostly by years. How often do we find ourselves saying, “Well, last year at this time…” or, “It was four years ago that….” That is why it seems nearly impossible that Hunter is half a year old! I can’t believe I have been a mommy and had this precious little boy in my life for half a year. While there may have been some long days (and nights!) these past six months have flown! And I am sure in just six short months I will be shocked to find that we are celebrating Hunter’s first birthday.


Facing front for the first time in the Baby K’Tan!

Yesterday we had Hunter’s sixth month appointment he weighed in at 16lbs 9 oz., a little over half of his birth weight and was 25.7 inches, almost half a foot longer than when he was born!


I caught him sticking his tongue out…his latest trick!

I decided for Hunter’s sixth month appointment that I would try a new doctor, a pediatrician. For Hunter’s previous appointments we were visiting the Family Health Clinic in which residents are the primary doctors working under an attending (think Grey’s Anatomy only in family medicine not surgery). They were great and I liked the doctors we saw. It was also conveniently located and they had good hours with easy to get appointments. However, at his last appointment Hunter peed on the doctor and the doctor was so shocked! He said he had never been peed on before! He also seemed a little bit rattled when Hunter cried almost the whole appointment (he was tired) and said, “I hope I didn’t forget anything, it’s hard to remember everything with the baby crying.” It was at that point I figured we should probably see someone who is use to getting peed on! I was very pleased with the doctor we saw yesterday! She was very reassuring that I was doing everything right, she gave me some advice, and was great with Hunter. All looks well! He had a round of immunizations and today isn’t feeling the best but other than that it was a great appointment.

This month Hunter started going to daycare. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found our daycare provider. She is a woman from my church who was looking to stay at home with her daughter but also needed some income and wanted to care for children in her home. So far it is just Hunter and her daughter and he has only been there a few days but it has gone REALLY well! I love watching Hunter observe Lily who is 3 months older than him. I’m not quite sure if he knows that she is another baby as all his baby “friends” are closer to his age. He just loves to observe her crawling, and pulling up on things. I think he is going to learn a lot from her! She is super cute with him and shows him how to use some of her toys. She also thinks he is a baby doll and pats his head and kisses him. It is too adorable!



Another HUGE change in Hunter’s life is sleep! We are still not there 100% and I don’t want to go into specifics (afraid I’ll jinx it!) but I will say he is NOT sleeping in the swing any more, he is learning to fall asleep on his own, AND it has not been as bad as I thought it would be! I will probably write a whole post just about our adventures in sleep some day!

Hunter also went to his first family reunion. My mom’s mom was the oldest of 10 and every other year the remaining brothers and sisters, their children, their children’s children, and now their children’s children’s children (follow all that?!)  get together for a little picnic and to catch up.

Here are 4 generations of Seefeldt’s. My mom’s aunts Ruth and Charlotte, my mom, me and Hunter!


Sadly, my Great Aunt Ruth died rather suddenly a week after the reunion. I’m glad that Hunter got to meet her!

Brian and I also celebrated our sixth anniversary. I would definitely say that having a baby has changed our marriage for the better!

Here we are before we went out for a special anniversary dinner sans baby.


Grandma and Grandpa Johnson watched Hunter for us. Here’s what we found when we came home!


I’m not sure who has more fun Hunter or Grandpa!

And finally we just started venturing into the world of solid foods! Up until babies are a year old their primary source of nutrition should be breast milk or formula and solids are really just to get them use to different tastes and teaching them how to eat. Brian’s cousin sent me a book The Wholesome Baby Food Guide this book gives simple recipes and instructs you on how to introduce food to your baby. I’m not opposed to buying jarred baby food but I thought I’d give this a try since all the foods are whole and natural. So far we’ve tried banana and sweet potato. Hunter loved both! The initial look on his face when he tries the food is pretty funny but after that he just opens his mouth for more. I have a lot of fun feeding him too!



Izzy is also excited for Hunter to start solids. She has her spot all scoped out!


Can’t believe how fast time has flown! Each day presents it’s own joys and challenges as we continue to grow as a family. I love being Hunter’s mom so much! Such a blessing to have this little man in my life!



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