Hunter James 5 Month Update

Well, hello there! I figured I better get a 5 month update on here before the little guy turns 6 months (6 months!!). I can’t really say there is much to update about but I know how much everyone loves cute Hunter pictures!


That elephant just keeps getting smaller and smaller! Too bad Hunter is not fully stretched out! He is getting so long! He was over 25 inches at his last doctor’s appointment!

This past month Hunter had not only his first but also his second over night road trip AND his first baseball game and first wedding!


We traveled up to the Twin Cities for our annual Miesville weekend with the Gardner’s. It was at last year’s event that I announced my pregnancy to our friends. We soon learned that Hunter is not a big fan of car rides and unlike most babies does NOT like to nap in the car. There was a lot of crying and I had to sit in the back and entertain him but once we got there he enjoyed the tailgating and meeting new friends.


We only saw part of the game as it was getting REALLY late for our little guy. Surprisingly Hunter took two VERY long naps during our weekend at Gardner’s. Besides napping and baseball we visited my friend Becky and her daughter Megan.


Megan is 11 months old and crawling like CRAZY! I got a glimpse of what our future holds!

Hunter also enjoyed hanging out with the gang at Gardner’s cook out. This year’s feast featured build your own grilled pizza.


Hunter really enjoyed hanging with Brian, Shannon and all our Twin Cities friends!


Hunter and Shannon!

Last weekend we made and even LOOOONGER drive to Iowa for Brian’s friend Joe’s wedding. I know that Hunter’s favorite part of this trip was meeting Joe’s daughters Grace and Faith!


Grace and Hunter


Faith and Hunter

These girls were such good helpers! They wanted to do EVERYTHING, even change poopy diapers! All of Brian’s “buddies” from high school were able to make it to the wedding.


From left to right:  Bob (from Alaska),  Brian, Joe (the groom) and Trent (from Colorado).

Brian even snapped a photo of me, not wearing glasses, with my hair done, AND wearing makeup! I was even wearing a dress!


What else can I tell you about my Hunter boy? No really new milestones met this month. He is still rolling over like a champ and getting stronger by the day. He loves looking at himself in the mirror, it is a sure fire way to get him to laugh or distract him at the doctor’s office!


He doesn’t have any teeth yet but he is definitely showing an interest in food when we eat in front of him. Introducing solids is just around the corner! He is still not sleeping the best (and I’m ashamed to admit in the swing). I am still rocking him to sleep and we haven’t done any sleep training yet. We wanted to wait until after our weekends away but now he has an ear infection. To tell the truth I don’t REALLY want to do it. When he falls asleep easily I don’t really mind rocking/nursing him. It’s when he fights it from midnight to 3 in the morning that I know something must be done. We’ll get there in good time. It is also almost time for Hunter to start going to a sitter while I am work. Of course I am very nervous about this considering the sleep situation but I have total confidence in our care giver and I actually think it will be good for Hunter to interact with another baby (she has a 9 month old daughter) and an adult other than momma! It might also be nice for me to have a break from being a full time mommy but I sure am going to miss the little guy!


What a doll! So that is what life is like in our neighborhood. Still love being a mommy and watching this little man grow and grow! Can’t believe the next update I do will be 6 months!


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