Postpartum Diet and Exercise Update

Hello there! Well it’s another one of those nights where I put Hunter to bed early (as in not so late where I feel like I need to crash right into bed) so I am taking advantage of this time to myself to blog. Usually when I put him down “early” he thinks he is taking a nap and wakes up 45 minutes later Sad smile! I had to put him to bed early because his last nap was early and he wouldn’t nap after that! Sometimes I wonder if we will ever figure this sleep thing out and maybe if we do I can figure out when it fit in more time to exercise!

You may recall that in April I wrote about how things were going as far as food and exercise after having a baby. Well since then not much as changed, in fact things might have have even regressed since then! I still weigh EXACTLY the same as I did the day I came home from the hospital, I may have even gained a few pounds Sad smile. I’ve thought a lot about why it has been so hard to get back to healthy eating and exercise. For one thing I am still really tired and I feel like my time is limited. When I do have a bit of free time I still chose sleeping, eating, or showering over exercise. Going back to work limits my time and zaps my energy too. I’m back to teaching classes at the Y but much more limited than I was before. When I do teach a class it feels SO GOOD I know that to me exercise is not something I do to lose weight but to feel good and relieve stress. Last week I committed to doing some type of exercise at least 3 times. I got to the Y twice and lifted weights and did some light cardio. I also did an at home work out. I have TONS of DVDs with Zumba choreography on them so I popped one and did the live class which took 30 minutes (perfect for Hunter’s short nap time!). This week I haven’t done as well. I would love to be out walking with Hunter but we have had some INSANELY hot weather and don’t feel safe taking him out. I would like to get back into running but as my yoga instructor advised, I’d like to regain some core strength before putting that much stress on my body. I have a plan to do this! I was reading about postpartum exercise on the Weigh Watcher’s web-site and heard about BeFit-Mom  which offers some prenatal and postpartum exercise books and dvd’s. I wrote to the owner of BeFit-Mom and she is sending me some of her products for review! I am really looking forward to trying them and sharing my results with you. Maybe then I’ll be ready to run again and Hunter will be old enough to ride in the jogging stroller!

As far as food goes…sigh! I just plain love to eat! EVERYBODY says that when you nurse you burn so many calories you don’t have to worry about what you eat. Some how I knew that this just wouldn’t be me and so far it has proven to be true. I try REALLY hard to make healthy choices and even had some days where I wrote down what I ate but once again the time thing gets my way. When I’m rushing around in the morning trying to feed Hunter and get myself ready for work a bowl of cereal is just easy and a peanut butter sandwich thrown in my lunch box is too. I definitely feel better when I eat big salads for lunch but it isn’t always easy to do. I’m going to keep trying and not get too down on myself about it. The other problem is that even though I am not losing weight because I’m breastfeeding I am hungry ALL THE TIME. It’s so challenging to find quick and easy snacks that fill me up!

The truth is I don’t fell the need to hurry up and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I was never really skinny to begin with but I was fit. Now I just feel soft and flabby! Sometimes I see myself and think that I don’t look that different and other times I catch a glimpse of myself and thinks, “Ugh! Who is that person!” All in good time I know. I just want to be healthy for my little boy!

So that’s where we are at…nowhere really but still working on it! Well, the little guys has been sleeping for almost an hour so maybe he gets that it’s night time! Now the ever present question is…for how long will he sleep! We shall see!



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