Hunter James 4 Month Update

I’m sure I said this last month but seriously?! How can I have a 4 month old already??? Time is going so fast! It seems like only yesterday we brought him home from the hospital and were stumbling around  half awake not having a clue what we are doing.

Hunter continues to grow and change with each passing day. Lately every time I see someone else holding him I say, “He is getting so big!!”


We haven’t been to the doctor yet so I don’t have and official weight or height for him but just compare today’s picture to last month.

12 Weeks (1)

And then with his one month photo!

4 Weeks Old (4)

You’ll notice too that he is getting a lot blonder. Every time I wash his hair I think some of that dark, newborn hair falls out and he is turning into a blondie like his dad was.

He is now completely wearing 3-6 month clothing and we have switched from size 1 diapers to size 2. Just look at the difference in size between the two!


He is reaching a lot of milestones for his age. He does so much better on his tummy and can really hold his head up. He can roll from his tummy to his back and just started rolling from back to tummy. He makes TONS of vocal noises and I love it when he “talks” to me. He has been drooling A LOT and has had some unexplainable fussy moments so we are pretty sure he is teething. I thought I saw a tooth poking through last weekend but now I don’t see it so I’m not so sure! He is also fascinated by EVERYTHING and wants to reach out and grab EVERYTHING.

We’ve also had a lot of firsts this month. Hunter took his first road trip.


For Father’s Day Brian wanted to see a Major League baseball game so we got up early on Sunday morning and drove up to the Twin Cities to see the Gardner’s and watch the Brewers play the Twins. We really wanted Hunter to go to the game too but we were afraid of the heat. So, Hunter, Shannon and I went to an art fair while the boys went to the game.


It’s a good thing we didn’t take Hunter to the game as it went into extra innings and there was a rain delay. The boys didn’t get to see the end of the game because we had to drive back that same day. Hunter did pretty well in the car. I had to sit in the back and entertain him. He only slept for a little bit which was surprising and we only had to stop once to nurse him on the way home. Next month we are taking our first overnight road trip with Hunter! This was good practice.

Hunter also got to meet his cousins Alex and Zach as well as his Aunt Julie and Uncle Scott for the first time.


Hanging with Aunt Julie


Meeting cousin Alex

It was so great to have all the cousins together. We even got them all to sit still long enough for a picture!


It was so great for Hunter to spend some time with his cousins. He even got to go swimming for the first time with them. Sorry no pictures but if I can get one from my mother-in-law’s camera I will! He looked so cute in his swim gear! I wouldn’t say he hated swimming but I also would say he liked it that much either.

One aspect of life with a baby that I still find very challenging is sleep, or rather lack there of! Nobody ever told me hat you had to teach some babies to sleep or that it would be so hard. Pretty much since Hunter was born we have been rocking, bouncing, walking, nursing, swaddling, using a pacifier, using a swing to get Hunter to sleep. I am totally amazed when I see other babies in my mom group that just drift off to sleep on there own. This has not been our experience. And lately it has been harder and harder to get him to sleep and then when we try to put him in his crib or more likely his swing his eyes pop open and he is wide awake. If we do manage to get him to sleep sometimes he wakes up an hour later crying his head off and then we have to start the whole process again (literally while I was typing this I had to get up and rock him back to sleep). This happens in the middle of the night too, it’s exhausting! The worse part for me is the inconsistency of it all. One night he slept 9 hours straight (9!!) and last night it was two hours, three hours, 2 hours etc.. I’ve read several books and visited web-sites about sleep training. Of course everyone and their mother has an opinion about this, cry it out, no cry, some cry etc.. Sometimes when I’ve been rocking him FOREVER and it’s 3 in the morning I make up my mind that the following weekend I WILL sleep train Hunter and I know that it will involve crying. Other times when he falls asleep easily and I rest my head against his soft downy head or look into his peaceful sleeping face I think that if I could I would rock him to sleep until he turn 18! It’s such a stressful process for me but I know that something has to be done. I’ll be sure to keep you posted. I have to keep reminding myself that this is just one tiny aspect of being a parent and there is so much more to love! Of course is smiling face in the morning tends to make things better!


Well, that’s all for now. I really have so many posts in my head that I want to write about like my postpartum exercise and diet, my new mom must haves, and nursing in public but there just never seems to be any time! Maybe if we get this sleep thing managed…we’ll see! Until next time!


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