Living the new normal!

Oh hello there! Yes, I do in fact remember that I have a blog. I must say, it certainly has taken a backseat in what I like to call the “new normal” which is my life now. I have mixed feelings about blogging. On the one hand I feel like I have so many more important things to worry about right now. When I do have a break from caring for my son I tend to do household chores as these don’t seem to get done as often as they use to now that I am a working mom. On the other hand my blog has always been a place where I collect my thoughts about the every day goings on in my life. I like keeping a record of my life in written form and pictures and I feel like that is even more important now that I have baby. I want to remember all the joys and challenges taking place during these early days of Hunter’s life.  One thing’s for sure, my life certainly has changed in the last year! Last June at this time I didn’t even know I was pregnant yet and was up before the sun to volunteer at the YMCA triathlon.  Well, I guess some things haven’t change, I was still up early  and still had to drink some coffee to get going this morning.

Now that Hunter is past the 3 month mark, and in theory not changing as fast, I plan on doing a full  update monthly rather than weekly. But I still want to keep my readers abreast of what has been going on and of course share some cute pictures.

One exciting event in Hunter’s life is that he got baptized! I ordered a baptismal outfit online and had to try it on to make sure it fit. Hunter is just like his dad, he’s not a fan of dressing up!


He did a lot better the day of his baptism.


Brian’s brother and sister-in-law are his godparents. My mom and dad hosted a lovely brunch at their house. I was especially glad that Father Al was able to baptize Hunter as he is leaving at the end of this month. He was such a huge support during my pregnancy and I felt it was important that he be a part of this special day.


My friend Emily ( Henry’s mom!) hosted a gathering of new moms at her home a few weeks ago. I invited Carly, a mom of twins I met at the hospitals new mom group and she invited her friend Becky. In all we had 6 moms and 7 babies, all boys,  present!


One of the mamas had to leave before we took this picture. All of these babies were born within a month of each other.  Our group has continued to meet welcoming new mamas each week. Mostly we just sit around and talk feeling comfortable to feed, change, and  comfort our babies. I am hosting it at our house this week. I know you might find this hard to believe but I am kind of shy. When I got pregnant I wondered how I would ever connect with other women who had new babies. I have one group of friends who have already started there families and have older children and another group of friends who don’t have children. I am so grateful that I met these moms and have women who share the joys and challenges of being a mom.


Hunter is also getting a little better at taking a bottle. He sucks down my expressed milk no problem but then gets kind of mad that it goes so fast. I think he just likes the comfort of nursing. We’re still working on it!


Because he is able to take a bottle we have felt more comfortable leaving Hunter for longer periods of time. Brian and I went out to dinner and also went to a play. He especially likes hanging out with his grandmas!


Speaking of eating, although we haven’t started feeding him solids we have set up his high chair and have had him sit in it while we eat dinner.


He seems to like it! He also seems to be very interested in food while we are eating. I hope transitioning to solids in a few months will be easy! He is after all my son!

As for me, I still feel like I am adjusting to my new role as mother. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom! But, I am struggling to find hints of my former self. This has become particularly difficult now that I am back at work. When I was home with Hunter I had more time to clean, do things I like to do, and dare I say even relax sometimes! Now if I am home and not caring for Hunter I feel like I have to rush to do various chores around the house, eat, shower, and get ready for the next day at work. This is exhausting and leaves little time do things just for me, like EXERCISE! Pretty much the only activity I’ve gotten is walking to and from work with Hunter in the stroller or teaching the one cycling class I’m scheduled for every other week. I just don’t feel like I have time and I miss it! Also it almost feels like more work to figure out how Hunter will be taken care of while I exercise. Not to mention I still don’t physically feel that comfortable exercising. We still haven’t gotten Hunter’s sleep schedule down. Sometimes he sleeps through the night, sometimes not so I try to sleep when he sleeps (at night) but I still feel pretty tired. Also, on days when I work and he get up SUPER early he might go back down for a nap but I feel like I should stay up and get ready for the day.  I’m trying to figure out a way to exercise at home either with Hunter or while he is napping. I also need to be more brave about utilizing the YMCA child watch. Of course since I am not exercising I am still holding on to a lot of baby weight. I’ve tried to be a little more cautious with my eating but again this seems to be a lot more challenging then I thought it would be. It’s just the time and fatigue that seem to get in the way. I hope that with time I can find better balance in my life. I have always been very good about taking time for myself and I don’t want to lose that. As the saying goes, “If momma isn’t happy nobody’s happy!”

So, that is all from me! Stay tuned for more updates on Hunter and tales from our “new normal.”


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