9 Week Update: Reflections on becoming a mom

Hi there! Hard to believe another week has flown by! After a very sleepless night upon which I stumbled upon some infant sleep articles on the internet I think I have solved Hunter’s 45 minute nap issue. I won’t share the solution quite yet as I don’t want to jinx myself but so far today’s naps have been AMAZING! It’s nice to know that I have more than 45 minutes (maybe) to get something done and I didn’t spend half my day getting the little guy to go down in the first place! I’m crossing my fingers that this will work!

My little peanut is getting so big!


How do you like those camo, cargo pants? I saw them at a second hand store and just had to buy them! Now Hunter and his daddy can match!

He had his two month check up earlier this week and weighed in at 11lbs. 9 oz. and measured almost two feet long!! Everything checked out fine at his appointment. I had some concerns about reflux as there have been a few days where he has spit up A LOT, been fussing while eating, and had an inconsolable meltdown where he seemed to be in a lot of pain. The doctor said that since this isn’t an every day occurrence and since Hunter is gaining weight he is not concerned but we will keep an eye on it. I also suspected it had something to do with over active let-down so I am working on some breastfeeding techniques to help solve this. Other than that Hunter’s smiles and laughs as becoming more and more plentiful. He is such a joy to play with. He loves his play mat and I think he realized that when he hits the toys and they make noise that he actually was responsible for that. He loves it!


We also had our first play date with Henry! Henry’s mom, Emily, was a classmate of my brothers. She and her husband recently moved back to the area from Colorado and attend my church. He was born just two weeks after Hunter. We took a lovely walk and then spent some time at Henry and Emily’s house. The boys really seemed to get along well and it was nice to chat with another new mom about all things baby related! I hope they will become good friends!


Over these past 9 weeks I have begun to grow and embrace my new title as “mom.” I know it might seem that I write about all the challenges a newborn brings but honestly becoming a mom is truly a life altering experience. Those first few weeks were such a blur I can hardly remember that feeling of helplessness and newness. For nine months I felt like my body was not mine but now, after 9 weeks, I know that there is a part of my body that I will NEVER get back – my heart. Sure trying to figure about what my baby needs as far as eating, sleeping, being clean is tricky but I feel like I am getting the hang of it. Seeing my baby suffering and in pain and not knowing how to help him has been the most heart wrenching experience I have ever had and I know that it will NEVER end. As I mentioned I had some concerns about reflux. There was one night where Hunter SCREAMED and SCREAMED and I just knew something was wrong and I cried too. I also had to watch him scream when he got his shots at his last appointment, also hard to take. I once heard someone say, “little kids, little problems, big kids, big problems.” I know that if Hunter ever gets picked on at school, has his heart broken by a girl, or doesn’t get into the college he wants my heart will hurt for him then too. But I also can’t wait to watch him grow, to walk him to kindergarten on that first day of school, celebrate with him when he shoots his first buck, and watch him walk down the aisle at his wedding. Sure my heart might break a little then too as I realize that my little boy is growing up but it will also rejoice just like it does now when I seem him smile and hear him laugh. This is my son, my child, my life, and I wouldn’t change it for the world! It’s totally worth the sleepless night!


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