Postpartum Diet and Exercise

Hey there friends! I know you were probably all hoping for an update including some adorable photos of Hunter but I thought I’d write a little bit about my diet and exercise after baby.

If you read my blog before I got pregnant you’ll know that fitness and healthy eating was a huge part of my life. In fact in the year leading up to getting pregnant I did an Olympic distance triathlon, a 30 mile bike tour, a local half marathon, and the Walt Disney World half marathon. And right around the time I conceived my son I ran one of my fastest races, the 5 mile June Dairy Days race. I taught a TON of classes at the Y and was pretty proud of my fitness level. I also wrote a lot about my struggle with weight loss/maintenance and all the times I rejoined and quit Weight Watchers.

Of course while I was pregnant I had to dial the fitness activities back. I still remained active and taught classes until I was 33 weeks pregnant. I also like to proudly profess that I swan 20 laps the day before Hunter was born and was probably in early labor while doing it! As far as food goes I took a more relaxed approach. I didn’t count calories but tried to eat healthy for the sake of my baby but I didn’t deny myself anything and gave into my cravings even if they weren’t that healthy.

Since my postpartum check up two weeks ago I was cleared for exercise. I started attending the Wednesday yoga class that I loved so much during pregnancy. I also started a couch to 5K training planning to help me get back into running. I really missed running while I was pregnant but getting back into  it is HARD. My first walk/run my legs felt like Jell-O! Today I did my 5th run and it wasn’t so bad. I really miss just feeling good while running. Officially I would like to run in the Chileda Classic around the 4th of July (just a 5K) and I MIGHT try and run the June Dairy Days 5K race too! It might be awhile before I do any long distance running but the 5K distance seems like a reasonable goal for now. Last night I went to my first Zumba class since October when I stopped teaching. It was so much fun! I don’t think I will teaching Zumba any more as it takes so much time to prep for but I hope that I can continue to attend classes. I love to dance and shake it! Getting back into exercise has been easy and hard. It’s easy because it is something I LOVE to do and helps me to feel “normal” again. However, it is hard because I don’t exactly feel normal or look normal in my new postpartum body. It is also hard to find the time to do it. I have been fortunate that Brian’s mom and dad have watched Hunter several times when I’ve gone to exercise. They also have a child watch at the Y but I don’t think I am ready to take Hunter there yet.

As far as eating goes, I’m still in relaxed mode. Still not counting calories, still eating whatever anyone prepares for me, but trying to make some healthy choices when I can for the benefit of myself and my baby since I’m nursing. I  am kind of giving myself a deadline of the 3 month mark to reign in the eating habits. I have a feeling that this is going to be a lot harder than exercise. It is also hard to find time to eat! I usually grab whatever I can eat with one hand and Brian has done ALL of the cooking unless someone else makes us something or we go out. One of the main problems I have is that many of the healthy foods that I enjoyed eating like vegetables and beans seem to affect Hunter since essentially he eats what I eat. A gassy baby is not a fun baby! I hope has his body matures that this will change.

I will probably do Weight Watchers online in order to help me lose weight. I officially gained 45lbs while pregnant. I lost 20lbs immediately after having him and haven’t lost any since! I know it took time to gain the weight but I also know that I will feel better physically and mentally once I am back to a healthy weight. Still I am not pressuring myself to do it quickly.

So there you have it! The girl with the pink sneakers may not be running fast or far but she is taking steps to get back to her healthy lifestyle with baby! I hope the habits I display will help Hunter be a healthy and happy boy! And with that I hear my little boy waking up from a nap and ready to eat!


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