Hunter James: 7 Weeks the Ups and Downs

Hey there!  Ha! I started writing this a few days ago as a late 6 week update but never got back to and now it’s a late 7 week update! We’ve had a rough couple of days over here. I just keep reminding myself that “this too shall pass.” I am already beginning to forget the pains of child birth and the first two bleary weeks of living with a newborn so I know this little bump in the road is just something all parents go through. I try to focus on the all amazing things this little man has brought into my world.

6 Weeks Old!


One big  change over the last two weeks is that we moved Hunter from the bassinet that was next to our bed into the crib in the nursery.


Normally I swaddle him this was just an experiment….it did not work! We moved Hunter into the big crib because a few times I would wake up and find him all squished to one side or end of the bassinet. He also made a TON of noise throughout the night lots of grunts, squeaks, and cries. At first I would respond immediately to any little sound and soon found this to be quite a detriment to all of us. He seems to prefer the crib as there is much more to look at. We now wait until we hear an actual cry before getting up to attend to him! It was hard at first and having him so far away and I still worry about him and check on him in the middle of the night but I know it is for the best.

However, another thing that has changed is Hunter’s sleep schedule. He DOES NOT like to nap. I feel lucky that he sleeps for 3-4hour stretches at night (in the past few days this has changed and we are getting NO sleep!!!) and figure I can catch a nap or too while he naps but this has not been happening. A lot of books I’ve read said that newborns need 14-16 hours of sleep and that you should watch for sleep cues and then start settling baby down for a nap. After Hunter eats he seems wide awake, alert, happy, and ready for play. I might catch him yawning and then I try and start settling him down. It usually takes AT LEAST 20 minutes to actually get him to sleep and the worst part, he only sleeps for a max. of 45 minutes, and often times less! Sure I would like to get a nap in, or actually get some chores done but what I’m really concerned about is Hunter! I KNOW he is only getting about 10-12 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. When he wakes up from these cat naps he is often cranky and I can tell he is still tired. He also doesn’t seem to eat as well when he is tired. The only time he sleeps for longer stretches is when he is in someone else’s arms.



This is fine from the perspective that at least he is getting some much needed sleep but I know it’s a bad habit to get into. I’ve started to read up on sleep training but I don’t think we are ready for that quite yet! For now I get him to sleep any way I can, holding, rocking, bouncing on the ball, in his car seat/stroller, in the Baby K’tan. If he does wake up early I try to get him back to sleep (usually takes 30 minutes or so) and put him down or just hold him. But it has been a rough couple of nights over here. I feel like I haven’t slept in days!

In other, more fun news, Hunter has begun responding to us with smiles! He especially likes it when we stick our tongue out at him.


He spent a lot of time at church over Easter and people just ooooed and ahhhhed over him! I had a cute Easter outfit all picked out for him (my cousin gave it to us) but it was too small!


I had him wear it any way since we didn’t have time for him to change! I hope he’ll forgive me! Hunter did pretty well at church. I did have to nurse during one of the services and we hung out in the “cry room” for a good part of Easter Sunday and Good Friday but I love having him there with me, and people tell me they don’t mind the crying!

He also got to meet some more friends and family over Easter.

Hunter with The Barb


Hunter also experienced his first hunting season…turkey hunting! His daddy was so proud to show him the giant turkey he killed!


Can you even find Hunter? He’s camouflaged!

My two turkeys!


It is also the time of year that I like to call “The Season of Gardner” since Gardner seems to be visiting us several weekends in a row to hunt or scout out trout fishing spots with Brian.


As for me, I’ve gotten out of the house a couple of times without Hunter to go to yoga, get a pedicure, and celebrate my birthday with Brian. Not gonna lie, it’s hard, I think about him the whole time I’m gone. I also got the “all clear” from my midwife to start running again. I completed the first week of Couch to 5K and man was it rough! I wanted to start week 2 today but I’m just to exhausted from lack of sleep! I hope to write more about post partum exercise and trying to lose the baby weight.

For the most part I feel we are doing quite well, except for the continued lack of sleep. I think I can read Hunter’s cues pretty well and I know how to calm him down when he has a meltdown (which I hate btw!). He also had his first cold this week which turned him into a different baby. It was hard to know how to help him and I still sense that he is uncomfortable as anyone with a cold would be but I know it is all a learning experience. I just can’t believe that he is 7 weeks old, almost 2 months!  This continues to be a journey I hope I never forget!

7 Weeks move’n and shake’n!



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