Hunter’s Birth Story Part 1

Wow! Despite the craziness that living with a newborn is we are managing to get into some semblance of routine, even allowing me to write this post that has been floating around in my head for almost a week.

When I was pregnant I enjoyed reading about other people’s birth stories since giving birth was something I had never experienced. A warning that I am about to share some of the gory details so if reading about labor and delivery is not your thing I suggest you stop reading and come back another time Smile Mainly I want to write this post for myself so that I can try and remember what an amazing experience bringing a life into the world was so if you care to share in the journey read on!

It’s actually really hard for me to believe that a week ago I technically went into labor. If you recall I had visited the midwife on Wednesday and had my membranes stripped. I woke up Thursday and went about my normal routine. If I recall, I went to the YMCA and swam 20 laps, did some light cleaning at home, relaxed in front of the TV while knitting, and read for a few hours. I remember that the cramping had gotten stronger and what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions also were stronger and felt a little different. Yet, I still didn’t really think it was labor. Brian came home, cooked me dinner and my mom even stopped by to drop a few things off. I remember that while she was here a few of the contractions felt pretty uncomfortable and all I wanted to do was sit down.  Brian and I watched our favorite Thursday night shows and he even went out to get ice cream so we could have ice cream sundaes. At one point while we were watching TV he looked over at me and said, “Are you ok? You don’t look so good.” I was pretty casual about it and said, “I’m fine just one of those “fake contractions” were a little strong.

We went to bed kind of early because honestly I wasn’t feeling too well. Well, I absolutely could not sleep the contractions were getting more uncomfortable and I even found myself breathing through them. I kept an eye on the clock and realized they were coming about every 5-7minutes. At one point I got up to use the bathroom and thought that my water had broken. It was about 11:00pm on Thursday so we decided to call the hospital and chat with a nurse. She suggested taking a bath and if it was real deal the contractions would continue to get stronger and if it was false labor they would slow down. Well, they got stronger. I tried to sleep, I tried to lay on the couch and at one point I was overcome with pain. It was now about 4:00am Friday morning. We called the nurse again and she suggested coming in. I  clearly recall shutting our back door looking back at our dog Izzy looking confused and distraught in her kennel and thinking that my life was about to change forever! Stay tuned for part 2!

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