Hey friends! Just thought I’d pop in for a quick on while Hunter sleeps. There are so many things that I want to write about! Like Hunter’s birth story. Delivering a baby was seriously an amazing experience and I hope I can remember all the feelings and drama I went through and share some of it with you. I also want to write about these first few days adjusting to life with a newborn. It is REALLY overwhelming and I feel like for right now my whole world consists of this new little human I’m in charge of and my husband. Because of adjusting to this “new normal” when I do get a moment of free time I know that I NEED to sleep so eventually I will get around to writing these posts. For now here are some photos from our first few days with Hunter James. I will say that I am most overwhelmed by the amount of love I feel for my son. My heart is overflowing!

Skin to skin contact and the AMAZING labor and delivery nurse Amanda who helped me through delivery!


Our new family, just minutes old!


Getting weighed!


Baby feet!


First bath!


Proud Grandparents!





Jon and Raina’s first nephew!

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Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! We are so happy Baby Sneaker is finally here!


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